The Mandalorian Chapter 16 The Rescue Review

Max unpacks the hotly-anticipated season two finale of The Mandalorian

If the Force was real, Jon Favreau would be its Master. The final episode of The Mandalorian Season 2 was so unbelievably spectacular it’s almost hard to put into words how much I loved it. Under the directorial guidance of Peyton Reed, it starts right where it left off. Mando and the Fett Force capture an Imperial shuttle with Doctor Pershing in it. Rumors from last year have been confirmed. He is a clone scientist and tells the group that Grogu is still alive.

The Mandalorian Chapter 16 - 003
The Mandalorian Chapter 16 (© 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.)

Mando adds two more people to his team Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves to help storm Moff Gideon’s cruiser. They have an excellent plan of diversions and decoy (and of course bad assitude) to enter and get to the bridge. Bo-Katan has agreed to help as she wants the Darksaber back from Gideon so she can rule Mandalore. She isn’t too keen on Boba for being a clone and says he isn’t a real Mandalorian. This doubt helps rectify the “plot hole” of Minister Almec saying the Fett’s aren’t real Mandalorians. So he was right. From a Certain point of view.

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The Mandalorian Chapter 16 (© 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.)

Stormtroopers are a joke for Mando’s team and I can’t help but be delighted as it is all women. They tear everything up and Mando manages to space the Dark Troopers before they can be utilized against them. Mando’s devotion to the Child is heartwarming and he tries to bargain with Gideon for his life. Gideon agreed but of course since he is a slime ball; pulls a Scar (from The Lion King) and pretends to back down but then attacks. Gideon is pretty good with that Darksaber and a duel between Mando’s Beskar staff and Darksaber was just awesome. The Beskar is impervious and can withstand a duel but it does superheat at the point of contact so I have to assume eventually a lightsaber can pierce it. This speculation luckily is never proved.

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The Mandalorian Chapter 16 (© 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.)

I was ready to say “Great episode but very predictable and similar to last year”. I was dead wrong. Gideon throws a wrench into the situation (even while captures) and it is intoxicatingly intriguing and shows how prideful Mandalorians are. We also see the arrival of a character who I correctly predicted the identity of as soon as I saw his ship. He is incredible and makes short work of the Dark Troopers who fly back.

The Mandalorian Chapter 16 - 004
The Mandalorian Chapter 16 (© 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.)

Heart-wrenching and epic, a new chapter has begun for Grogu’s training and it’s anyone’s guess what Mando will do next season. Everything has changed and while change is ultimately good- it isn’t easy. The ending will leave you with tears in your eyes and the epilogue opens the universe even further. I cannot stop saying how much I love The Mandalorian. It satisfies all the desires a Star Wars fan could possibly ask for. It’s just wizard! I am so excited for season 3 and I wish it would come next week. A+++++++++

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