Clash Of The Titans Bubo Star Ace Toys

By the Gods! Bubo the mechanical owl from Clash Of The Titans is coming to Star Ace Toys’ Ray Harryhausen collection

Clash Of The Titans is still regarded as one of Ray Harryhausen’s most beloved movies. Whether it’s the Kraken, Medusa, Kalibos, or the flying stallion Pegasus; the movie is packed full of memorable creatures. But for their latest endeavor, the team at Star Ace Toys has focussed their efforts on his mechanical marvel – Bubo The Owl.

Clash Of The Titans Bubo Star Ace Toys

In the movie, Bubo was created by the gods to aid Perseus in his quest to locate the Stygian Witches. And now Star Ace Toys is recreating the magnificence of the Gods in a new life-size replica. The 1/1 Scale Soft Vinyl Figure has been scaled to match the size of the original prop and stands at just under 12″ tall. Better yet, Bubo features articulated wings, head, and legs, giving fans the ultimate replica of this beloved character.

Clash Of The Titans Bubo


The life-size figure comes in two different versions. A standard and a deluxe. With the Deluxe Version, you receive a Bubo 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure with his wings extended. Check out the image gallery below:


One of Ray Harryhausen’s most beloved creations is Bubo, the mechanical owl. Literally, a gift from the gods, this small gold bird with ruby eyes has proved to be one of the most enduring and endearing of all the creatures Harryhausen brought to the screen.


Wow. This life-size figure is the holy grail to Ray Harryhausen fans. Bubo’s role in Clash Of The Titans is legendary, and I can think of no better way to emulate his heroics than with this breathtaking figure. Star Ace Toys expects to release the figure in the second quarter of 2022. The standard edition will set you back $249.99, while the deluxe version will cost you $274.99. Which is a small price to pay for a replica of this beauty. After all, a creation of the gods deserves no less.

Pre-orders are already available from Star Ace Toys’ official website, so begin your pilgrimage and seek out your pre-order now.




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