Hot Toys Shoretrooper Squad Leader Rogue One Review

Hot Toys Review | Shoretrooper Squad Leader (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

From the weathering to the articulation range, the Hot Toys Shoretrooper Squad Leader is a great figure! Its biggest flaw is the lack of accessories.

Rogue One A Star Wars Story was released in 2016 and got several figures made by Hot Toys at the time. Still, they have decided to revisit this movie once again to give us more troopers. The Shoretrooper Squad Leader is the first to be released. For collectors who didn’t get the Shoretrooper Officer who was released a few years ago, now is your chance to get this new figure!


Shoretrooper Squad Leader Hot Toys

The box has the usual Star Wars design with a promotional picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. For the Rogue One figures, the colored strip is brownish. Though, it doesn’t feature additional promotional pictures of the figure as usual. Instead, it features promotional drawings of the character.

The accessories are what this figure is lacking. It comes with 6 different hands, an E-22 double-barrel blaster rifle, a display base, and an accessory for the display base. I think they could have easily included an E-11 blaster and a thermal detonator, plus a few additional hands.

Shoretrooper Squad Leader Hot Toys

Speaking of the display base, they stayed with the Rogue One aesthetic from the previous figures. It’s the basic Star Wars base but painted in dark grey. It also has a second option that features a promotional drawing of the trooper with the Imperial logo and the name of the figure written in Aurebesh. Plus, it comes with an extension that you can remove. It’s nice to have kept the same aesthetic for these display bases. This way, you can display him with your other Rogue One figures, if you have some.


Shoretrooper Squad Leader Hot Toys

The Shoretrooper is one of my favorite trooper designs of the new movies so I’m glad to finally have one. It looks so different from the Stormtrooper while still keeping an Imperial vibe. I love the sandy beige color, it’s the only trooper so far with this color. His helmet has some similarities with the Scout Trooper. Indeed, the mouthpiece and the visor do remind me of that trooper.

Hot Toys has recreated the armor of that trooper amazingly! And they have made a fantastic weathering. It’s as good as the work they made on the clone troopers!

Shoretrooper Squad Leader Hot Toys

And just like the clone troopers, the Shoretrooper’s undersuit is entirely made of fabric. Plus his armor parts can move to allow better articulation range. Furthermore, his boots are made of plastic while for other figures they would have gone with pleather. But being a trooper, plastic works better. Like this, you can take full advantage of his over 30 points of articulation.


Collectors can once again get a Shoretrooper figure at a retail price and this one is definitely worth it! From the weathering to the articulation range, it’s a great figure! Its biggest flaw is the lack of accessories.

The Hot Toys Shoretrooper Squad Leader is available to order from Sideshow Collectibles NOW!


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