Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Does the delay to Star Wars: Rogue Squadron hint at a troubled production? Annlyel explores Patty Jenkins’ proposed pilot adventure

Last December, just as Wonder Woman 1984 got ready to hit theaters and HBO Max; it was announced that Patty Jenkins, the acclaimed director who gave the DCEU one of their highest-rated movies with Wonder Woman, was going to direct a new Star Wars film, Rogue Squadron.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

The movie would be the first story to focus on fighter pilots as they take on what I guess would be the Empire. That sounds like an interesting concept. I, for one, wasn’t happy about the news. Especially after watching Wonder Woman 1984 which I consider being one of the worst superhero movies I’ve seen. Coming off of that, I didn’t think Jenkins had the creativity nor the brilliance to bring a Star Wars movie about fighter pilots to life. It just seemed like a bad idea.

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Now, on the week of Disney+ Day, it’s been announced that Rogue Squadron is being delayed due to “scheduling conflicts.” Is that what’s happening or is this just a cover for the movie’s halted production thanks to the beginnings of a film so bad it was going to make The Rise of Skywalker look like The Empire Strikes Back in comparison? I’m thinking the latter.

Patty Jenkins


Disney and Kathleen Kennedy have not found a way to make a legitimately great Star Wars movie that made everybody happy since Rogue One. And that was five years ago. I think, for now, Lucasfilm is going to focus on their upcoming slate of fascinating series which seem far more interesting than any Star Wars movie right now. But who knows. Maybe Patty Jenkins has a gem up her sleeve. We’ve just got to wait a little longer to see it.

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3 thoughts on “Will We Actually Ever See ‘Rogue Squadron’?

  1. I too am skeptical about the quality of this movie. WW1984 was well received, but I agree that it was certainly nothing amazing. However, I secretly yearn for the pilot movie that could be a love letter to the Rogue Squadron books of the old era that are IMHO, legendary.

  2. In what world is there a Star Wars movie that made everybody happy. Rogue One certainly had its share of detractors. Even the original trilogy had its share. Your constant derision of the sequels just exemplifies your general negativity. The 2nd installment of Wonder Woman was not great, but the first one was very good. No director gets it right every time. Production schedules shift all the time. Good journalism is based on facts. When you have some please relay them. Throwing wild speculation about how bad it was going to be does not help at all.

    1. Thanks for sharing your reaction. Our writers are given a platform to share their thoughts and opinions on these stories – but they do not reflect the overall opinions of FOTF, its writers, or affiliates.

      With that in mind, what are you hoping to see from Rogue Squadron?! Can the movie capture the magic of the games?! Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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