September 22, 2023
Star Wars A Vader Family Sithmas

‘In A Vader Family Sithmas, Jeffrey Brown has created a terrific book that will bring joy to fans young and old alike.’

When it comes to Christmas stories, a ‘Star Wars.’ one isn’t something you would automatically think of. How could you possibly have a Christmas story set in a galaxy far, far away? The answer is actually contained in a delightful little book by the acclaimed American writer Jeffrey Brown. Already an author of various ‘Star Wars.’ books alongside humorous graphic novels and autobiographical comics, Brown has written ‘A Vader Family Sithmas.’ Just by looking at the front cover, we will discover a charming tale set inside the franchise. And one we wouldn’t normally expect.

A Vader Family Sithmas


As we open the pages contained within, we find the usual opening crawl that we see at the front of the ‘Episode’ films in the franchise. But the legend announces ‘Episode Twelve: Days Of Sithmas.’ It goes on to tell us of the tale we shall find within. Brown has also drawn the wonderful animations we discover over the pages. Our first drawing is of the Mos Eisley Cantina. A young Princess Leia quotes a familiar line from ‘A New Hope’ but changes somewhat for a Christmas feeling. Figrin D’an and the rest of the Cantina Band play their instruments while wearing Christmas bobble hats. We have the young Luke Skywalker alongside his sister on the opposite page. They are standing in a snowy field, pointing to a Christmas tree growing there, asking Darth Vader to cut it down with his lightsaber.

A Vader Family Sithmas


We turn the page to discover Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca having a discussion. Han quotes one of his lines from ‘The Force Awakens’ but again it has changed to have a Christmas feeling. Over the page, we discover two Imperial Officers. One looks happy as he asks the question “Who’d you get for Secret Santa?”. The other officer looks anxious as he glances at the looming figure of Darth Vader. We are given a two-page spread of the Ugnauts making Christmas toys, dressed as elves. Another terrific drawing has Luke and Leia sitting on Santa’s knee. Luke runs through his Christmas wishlist as Darth Vader looks on.

A Vader Family Sithmas


Another great two-page spread depicts a snowball fight on the planet Hoth. Here we see many characters engaged in a snowball battle against the bounty hunters seen during The Empire Strikes Back.’ It is delightful. Here, we have ‘Star Wars.’ seen through the eyes of a child in a fantastic Christmas drawing. Sadly, however, Boba Fett gets hit and ends up landing headfirst into the snow. IG-88 though has a distinct advantage in this battle. Quite a few of our favorite characters get their chance to appear throughout the pages. Jabba The Hutt, Yoda and even The Emperor himself make themselves known in the drawings, playing on several speeches heard throughout the franchise with tremendous effect.

A Vader Family Sithmas


Jeffrey Brown has created a terrific book that will bring joy to fans young and old alike. His use of statements and ideas from the ‘Star Wars’ universe is completely inspired. And his wonderful drawings only accentuate his writings. Some of what we discover on the printed pages will have us laughing out loud. But ultimately, what the pages hold is a Christmas story. About family, friends, and the joyous time of year that is approaching.

A Vader Family Sithmas

The book is the perfect stocking filler for the ‘Star Wars.’ fan in your life. It is guaranteed to be appreciated and loved. And will inspire a child-like giggle from all who read it.

Star Wars: A Vader Family Sithmas is published by Chronicle Books and is available to buy now.



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