December 10, 2023
Star Wars Mazes

Star Wars: Mazes is a puzzle book that will keep even the most avid solver entertained for hours.’

When I was a child, I used to enjoy getting a puzzle book to keep me entertained. And I was especially enthralled with ones containing mazes to solve. Sometimes you could find me slouched over one of them, fast asleep at the kitchen table with a pencil clutched in my hand. I would concentrate so hard, it would tire me out. I still do the occasional one to this day. But when I discovered Sean C. Jackson’s ‘Star Wars: Mazes’ book, I was hooked again. How could I not be?

Star Wars: Mazes

Here is a book that combines two things I love. A maze puzzle book and ‘Star Wars.’ Throughout the book’s pages, we will find some puzzles that will tax our brains while revealing a few surprises along the way.

Star Wars: Mazes


The book contains over thirty mazes for the reader to solve. It may look easy but don’t be so hasty. Some are devilishly clever and deceiving. We start with the Jawa Canyon. In this maze, we must deliver R2-D2 to the Sandcrawler. However, along the way, we must also discover some additional things. Jawas are hiding and needing to be found. We must discover food and Bantha skulls along the way. It isn’t as easy as you may think. We move on to the Blockade Runner. Just by looking at the layout of the maze will have you drawing in a large breath. The twists and turns we must take to solve it could drive us to distraction.

Star Wars: Mazes


Among the other mazes, we must solve throughout the book include the Death Star. Here, we start in the Trash Compactor as we make our way stealthily along the corridors to reach the Millenium Falcon, discovering various items and characters along the way. Jabba’s Palace where we must start outside and work our way through the corridors and staircases to reach the in-carbonite Han Solo hanging on the wall. All while trying to avoid the path that leads us to the dreaded Rancor. Or the maze that represents Jakku. Take one look at it and you’ll believe it is impossible to solve. I suggest you use a pencil with a very good eraser on the end of it!

Star Wars: Mazes


Sean C. Jackson has crafted a puzzle book that will keep even the most avid solver entertained for hours. The design of the mazes will tax even the most intelligent brain and will lead to several curses being uttered along the way. But in that lies the beauty and the enjoyment of the book. We don’t want the puzzles to be easy. We want them to be entertaining and taxing.

Star Wars: Mazes

Of course, the solutions are at the back of the book but that is cheating. The designs of the puzzles are exemplary and are guaranteed to scare the most hardened of puzzle solvers. And therein lies the fun. You certainly won’t get through the whole book in a day. You may not get through them in a week. But the fun you’ll have attempting them cannot be overstated. Hours of fun await you once you open the book. And it will be a great stocking filler for the puzzle solver in your life.

Star Wars: Mazes is published by Chronicle Books and is available to buy now.


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