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Hasbro’s Black Series collection has announced the first new Boba Fett (Throne Room) from The Mandalorian

Yesterday, Hasbro announced the first new Boba Fett (Throne Room) figure for its Black Series collection. The famous bounty hunter made a sensational return to the galaxy far, far away in The Mandalorian. And fans young and old have been longing for an action figure ever since.

Boba fett


Many of us expected Hasbro’s Black Series line to be the first to produce an action figure, but Tamashii’s S.H. Figuarts collection beat them to the punch. The toy giant recently revealed a version of Boba Fett from his return episode that featured a soft goods tunic. However, the official images of the new Hasbro version confirm it will boast a full plastic approach. Check out the Figuarts version below;

SH Figuarts Boba Fett


So what can we expect from this new Black Series figure? Well, for starters, the figure will employ the full plastic approach to complete the famous armor. However, unlike its Figuarts counterpart, the Hasbro figure will not have the ability to attach the chain code to his wrist gauntlets. As a result, fans won’t be able to recreate the moment from the series when Boba reveals his code to Din Djarin.


As we have come to expect from the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett will come with an array of weapons. Aside from his customary EE-3 blaster rifle, Fett comes with his new blaster pistol, helmet, Temuera Morrison headsculpt, and a jetpack. Which on the surface looks very impressive. But, here’s the thing. Hasbro will release this set under the “Deluxe” banner, meaning the set will set us back a deluxe price. However, fans have been quick to point out that the set actually comes with the standard amount of accessories that most Mandalorian figures usually come with. Din Djarin for example came with a jetpack, blaster pistol, and Amban Pulse rifle. So, why is Boba Fett being released at the premium rate?


Pre-orders for this figure are already open from various outlets. And Hasbro has set a release date for Fall 2022. So, we’re going to have to endure a wait before this iconic figure joins our respective collections.

Personally, I cannot wait to get my hands on this figure. Aside from looking totally badass, the headsculpt appears to be on point. And considering this will be the first 6″ scale Boba Fett figure to feature Temuera Morrison’s likeness, this is sure to be one of the most anticipated figures in many years. But can Hasbro justify the premium price tag for a figure that comes with the same number of accessories as Bo-Katan Kryze? That remains to be seen. But that won’t stop the majority of us from ordering ours without a second thought. Myself included. But this is a worrying trait from Hasbro.

Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett and Fennec Shand

Will you be adding the Black Series Boba Fett to your collection? Are you unhappy about the premium rate price tag? Leave a comment in the section below. We’d love to hear from you.


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