Kyoto Animation has unveiled the first teaser for Free! The Final Stroke Part 2.

During the Free! Orchestra Concert, Kyoto Animation has revealed the first teaser for Free! The Final Stroke Part 2. The main focus is on a lonely Haruka who seems to be depressed. The teaser also features a flashback scene from his first team medley.

And that’s not it, we also have a poster featuring Rin and Haru! Just like in the trailer, Haru doesn’t seem very well and he even has purple eyes … It’s the same eyes than Albert but what does it mean? Japanese fans will find out on April 22 2022.

A second campaign of mubichike card is starting on December 17 in Japanese cinemas. This time, fans will be able to receive new clear files featuring the main characters in the same style than the first campaign but this time in their Final Stroke look.

Finally, Kyoto Animation announced the release of The Final Stroke Part 1 on blu-ray and DVD on April 20 2022 in Japan. This is great news for international fans (outside Latin America) who are still waiting to see the movie. Pre-orders will start soon at your favorite Japanese online stores.

Source: Kyoto Animation


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