September 27, 2023
Queen Studios Balrog

You shall not pass…this unique and wonderful bust by!

Queens Studios are famous for their delightful and must-have bust collections. Everything about them screams quality. Take a look at their webpage to see what I mean. You will be amazed by the design, quality, and sheer beauty of what they create. Most of what they produce are limited editions so it is best to get in while their stocks last. This time, however, they may have surpassed even themselves. Fans of The Lord Of The Rings.’ movie trilogy will instantly recognize the name Balrog. The infamous beast loomed large over our heroes during the first film. And he dragged the old wizard Gandalf to his presumed doom. Now Queen Studios have created a bust celebrating the beast as seen on screen.


The first thing you must know is that the bust is available in two editions. The first is called the Polda Edition. This bust is a life-size collectible that is for the discerning collector. It captures the Balrog as seen on screen. The team at Queens Studios has closely and meticulously examined the creature. And have perfectly managed to capture the Balrog’s massive fangs, his devilishly fiery eyes, and his monstrous horns that would make the devil himself proud.

The beast himself was inspired by Durin’s Bane. The bust features a Polystone body, internal lighting in both his eyes and his mouth. It also has the optional extras of a base and the flames. The reason for these being extra is due to the bust being wall mountable. It is limited to 99 pieces, will be delivered during quarter 3 of 2022. And will set you back $1,040. But I think you’ll agree, you can see why the bust is priced as it is.


The second version is a smaller bust of the Balrog. This edition is limited to 399 pieces. This version has all the features you’d expect. This time though, the bust comes complete with the base and the surrounding flames. It is sheer quality and perfection. Delivering once more during quarter 3 of 2022, this version will cost the collector $310. But once again, the quality speaks for itself.


As the pictures show, Queen Studios have decided to show the beast with its evil essence dripping onto the base beneath itself. The base itself is inspired by the architecture seen in the film. It depicts the Dwarf’s Realm beneath the Misty Mountains. And with the lighting that is included with the bust, make it stand out. I’m drawn towards the more expensive Balrog head bust for my wall in all honesty. I can just see a visitor coming into my home to be confronted with the fearsome beast, eyes, and mouth all glowing evilly. But either version would make a terrific addition to your home collection. Both can be ordered from the Queen Studios website now. And You shall not pass…without at least taking a detailed look for yourselves.

You can order this bust right now at

Are you a big collector? Will you think about collecting this incredible bust? Where would you display it? Why not let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Queen Studios

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