Hot Toys Tony Stark Team Suit Avengers Endgame Review

A great figure to add for fans of Tony Stark. Plus, you can use the headsculpt on the Hot Toys MK-85 Iron Man figure!

Hot Toys went all in with Avengers Endgame even making Tony Stark in his Avengers Team Suit version!


The box doesn’t have the usual design from the other Avengers Endgame figures. Indeed, you don’t find a promotional drawing of the character on this one but instead the logo of the character and it uses the colors of the Team Suit. It’s a nice design and it’s clear Hot Toys had plans to make the other characters in that suit. They actually displayed Steve Rogers and War Machine in their team suit at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. Ultimately, it seems Tony Stark is the only one getting a release. It’s a shame as I would have loved to get at least Steve Rogers considering the pretty cool display base he had.

In terms of accessories, it’s very light. Indeed, you only get four hands, a Team Suit helmet (with batteries), a damaged Iron Man helmet and a display base. The display base features two Avengers logo including one with the colors of the Team Suit, replacing the logo of the character from the other bases. Considering they included the damaged helmet from the beginning of the movie, it’s a missed opportunity not to have included some pair of glasses that Tony uses in Endgame.


Hot Toys has beautifully recreated the Team Suit outfit in figure format. It uses different shades of grey and some red. It fits for the Avengers. Most of the suit is using a type of rubbery fabric so I would recommend being careful with posing especially for long periods of time.

The suit also uses hard plastic parts like for the higher part of the boots which allow a complete articulation range for the feet. The arms also have two pieces of hard plastic which actually limits the articulation range of the shoulders a little bit. And there is another piece of plastic for the armor on the bust. The final two pieces of plastic on the outfit are at the waist and they used a metallic paint for it.


For a lot of collectors, this headsculpt is the most interesting part. Indeed, after the controversy of the original MK-85 headsculpt, this one is considered by many like a more accurate sculpt. It uses the same mold as the previous sculpts made by Kojun. Except since Kojun left Hot Toys, it’s Hwan Kim who handled this one. And JC Hong is still the artist who painted it.

Personally, I did like the original MK-85 headsculpt but yes, I do love this sculpt. It does have the usual likeness of Robert Downey Jr. There is one small mistake though. It’s not the right haircut for his Avengers Endgame look. Though, it’s accurate in terms of colors, there is some grey hair on the sides. The MK-85 headsculpt has the correct haircut though.

And yes, this new headsculpt fits on the MK-85 figure, if you prefer it to the original and didn’t get the replacement head. The original MK-85 headsculpt also fits on the Team Suit figure.

This figure also comes with an helmeted headsculpt. The helmet is actually a retool of the Ant-Man helmet. It does make sense considering they use this suit to shrink to travel to the Quantum Realm. You can clearly tell it’s Tony under the helmet, they used the eyes from the headsculpt. The LED light-up feature is always appreciated. For the helmet, they used a great metallic paint.


A great figure to add for fans of Tony Stark. Plus, you can actually use the headsculpt on the MK-85 figure!

The Hot Toys Tony Stark (Team Suit) from Avengers Endgame is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles and is available to order now!



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