December 7, 2023
The Odyssey Of Star Wars: An Epic Poem

Jack Mitchell has created something new and unique for Star Wars fans everywhere. The Odyssey Of Star Wars is amazing.’

It’s time to embrace a thrilling retelling of the Star Wars saga in The Odyssey Of Star Wars: An Epic Poem.

When I was at school, ‘Homer’s Odyssey’ was required reading. As were many other poems such as Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven.’ Sometimes, I couldn’t get around to what the text was supposed to mean. But I got the general idea of it. If you think of ‘Star Wars.’, you wouldn’t even entertain the thought that any of it could be made into poetry. How in the hell could you make an epic poem out of a galaxy far, far away? Guess what? Someone has managed it. Jack Mitchell has created something new and unique for Star Wars fans everywhere. And it is amazing. He has taken the franchise from the end of ‘Rogue One’ and carried it through to the end of Return Of The Jedi.’

The Odyssey Of Star Wars: An Epic Poem


The book is broken down into ten parts. And each follows on with the literary Star Wars equivalent of the writings of Homer. This is the original trilogy written in sublime poetic verses. The story is told through these creative words and writings and live long in the readers’ mind. As the title suggests, it is an epic poem. Not only telling us the story but the inner thoughts of the characters at times. And it is very easy to read and understand. I was concerned that it would scramble my brains with verses that I would have trouble taking in. But it flowed so easily and so brilliantly, I loved every verse, every descriptive creation. With lines such as “I look not to myself but to the force, in which all things arise and fall away”, you know the book is sincere.

The Odyssey Of Star Wars: An Epic Poem


Combined with some stunning illustrations which have been inspired by the terra-cotta art of Greek antiquity, the book is a stunning revelation. Even the pages resemble an old book. A volume from yesteryear that has been handed down from generation to generation. The feel of the paper feels like it is an ancient journal that has been hidden away somewhere safe, just waiting for us to discover in our generation. Like a first edition copy of a fabled book that will command millions when placed into an auction. Or hundreds of thousands from a rare book dealer. We know it is a modern book. But we can make believe that it is an ancient manuscript that has come into our possession.


Although this won’t be studied at any university or school campus, it should be. Why? Because it is the perfect example of what can be achieved if one puts their mind to it. And it is such a great idea. Let’s put it another way. If someone was studying English literature, it could be used as a way to get their head around the course. To understand a little bit more of what will be required of them. Yes, it’s Star Wars but it could be used as a basis for their studies. Or a fan of poetry could sit and read it. They certainly wouldn’t be disappointed.

Star Wars Eclipse

The text reads and feels like it is an ancient classic tale. Like ‘Beowulf’ for example. It easily fits into that category of writing. Fans and non-fans alike will get a blast out of the book. So put aside any reservations you may have and take the plunge. You won’t regret it.

“Ah, Luke, you’ve stepped into a larger world; But now have patience, since the best revenge is often indirect. Shall Alderaan be just the first of countless planets crushed? The droids are all, the rebel’s final hope. There lies our duty, though our paths diverge. Fear not: the Force stands ever at your side.”

The Odyssey Of Star Wars: An Epic Poem by Jack Mitchell is published by Abrams & Chronicle Books and is available to buy now!

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  1. Yeah I SO wanted to read this book and you certainly sold it to me in the review. I was an English Lit major in Undergrad. Beowulf was one of my favorites. I need to get this lol

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