Godzilla vs Kong Kong Statue from Star Ace Toys X-Plus

The mighty eighth wonder of the world is coming to the X-Plus collection. Star Ace Toys has unveiled a sensational new statue of KONG from Godzilla vs Kong

Look out MonsterVerse fans because Sideshow has opened pre-orders for a new Kong statue from Godzilla vs Kong. The mighty eighth wonder of the world is being produced by X-Plus/Star Ace Toys and features his iconic Battle Axe. In the movie, Kong uses the weapon to take on Godzilla in the city fight showdown. And goes on to use it in the fight against Mechagodzilla.

In recent months, X-Plus has delivered some sensational replicas of Ray Harryhausen’s creature archive. And with X-Plus already busy at work producing a Godzilla statue, fans can look forward to recreating their epic showdown in all its glory! Read on for full details and a juicy image gallery!

X-Plus Kong Statue Godzilla vs Kong


From the Toho Large Kaiju series comes the Kong from Godzilla vs. Kong Collectible Figure, from the hit movie released in 2021! Kong, the guardian deity who fought in the ultimate showdown with Godzilla, finally appears in the Toho Large Kaiju series! King Kong is posed with his Battle Axe, a stance that emphasizes the fine details of his fearless expression and thick fur that covers his entire body. Enjoy this thrilling scene of Kong’s heroic battle with the God of Destruction, Godzilla!


This statue looks exceptional and will look amazing in any collection. Especially alongside the Ray Harryhausen creatures. And when there is the potential for a mantlepiece showdown with Godzilla somewhere down the line, Kong becomes an absolute must-buy! And let’s face it, in a universe where monsters reign, Kong is King!

The statue will set you back $155 and will release sometime between May-July 2022.  Pre-order yours here.

Will you be adding Kong to your collection? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation. We’d love to hear from you.


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