Mizuno and Free! team up for a new collaboration.

After their collaboration for Road to the World, Mizuno and Free! team up for The Final Stroke Part 2. Obviously, a new collaboration means new arts of the characters. Once again, the collaboration features Haruka and Rin. Both are wearing the GX・SONIC swimsuits and accessories.

This collaboration is held to celebrate the upcoming release of The Final Stroke Part 2 and the Japanese selection for the next international swimming competition.

Starting Wednesday, Japanese fans can go to the Mizuno shop in Tokyo and Osaka to get postcards of these new arts. To get the Rin postcard, you have to spend a minimum of 1000 yen. While for the Haruka postcard, you need to retweet and follow the official Mizuno acocunt. Or you can also like their Instagram post and follow their account. The swimsuit and accessories the characters are wearing will be on display at both stores. And if you want to buy them, you can. For international fans, you can order from the Mizuno online store.

Free! The Final Stroke Part 2 will be released in Japanese cinemas on April 22.

Source: Kyoto Animation


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