September 30, 2023

Sasaki and Miyano delivers its best episode yet, we have all been waiting for this one!”

It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for our weekly dose of Sasaki and Miyano.


This episode features all the secondary characters as Miyano and Kuresawa prepare themselves for the costume contest. And it even features Hirano’s roommate Kagiura. It’s something fans of the manga have been waiting for. Actually, it teases that there is indeed something between Hirano and Kagiura. It’s such a sweet moment.

Everytime Ogasawara appears in an episode, you know he is going to provide some funny scenes. And this one is no exception. Moreover, I really like the interactions between Miyano’s classmates. It’s light and enjoyable moments. Small scenes like this is what makes you invest in the characters, even in the secondary ones. It’s part of the appeal for the slice of life genre.


Obviously, there are also some sweet scenes between Sasaki and Miyano. It’s what we all want to see. And this one truly delivers. Right from the start, we get cute scenes with Sasaki getting close to Miyano to listen to the phone with him. Then, we get another with Sasaki slowly pulling back Miyano’s bag. This is evidently boyfriends material content. Though, the best comes at the end of the episode. Once again, we see the jealous side of Sasaki. And it’s sad to see him like this, struggling to see Miyano not be with him. Obviously, it hurts him but good things are coming his way and he doesn’t know it yet.

Last week I said that this episode would finally be the moment Miyano realizes his feelings for Sasaki. Indeed, it is exactly what happens. With an episode untitled ‘I Realized,’ what else could have happened? Throughout the episode, Miyano thinks about his feelings for Sasaki as he prepares for the costume contest.

Hanzawa’s description of love really helps Miyano comes to term with it. But it’s really the final scene that seals it. Miyano finally realizes he is in love with Sasaki. It’s the scene we have all been waiting for. And I think everyone is going to talk about it all week long! We have waited for eight weeks to see this. Undoubtedly, it was worth the wait. Now, I am even more excited to see the next episode. We all know the next step in the story is Miyano telling his feelings to Sasaki. In the meantime, I will be rewatching this one many times!


Sasaki and Miyano delivers its best episode yet, we have all been waiting for this one!

Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Funimation.

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