Requiem of the Rose King unveils new teasers and key visuals for its second cour!

Requiem of the Rose King is currently airing its first cour, it will end with episode 12. Then, the second cour will start in April with episode 13. Today, JC Staff has unveiled two new teasers giving us our first look at the second cour. The first teaser is one minute and a half long while the second is fifteen seconds.


The story takes place ten years after the first cour and looks significantly darker as Richard continues his descent into hell. Richard, Catesby and Buckingham will get an updated design. Plus, new characters will also be introduced. Hikaru Midorikawa will voice Tyrell, Yuko Kaida will voice Jane, Akira Ishida will voice Richmond, Haruki Ishiya will voice Anthony and Atsushi Tamaru will voice Dorset.

Along with the new visuals for the characters, JC Staff also unveiled a new poster for the second cour.

SOURCE: Official Site

Requiem of the Rose King is now streaming on Funimation.


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