Robin and Harley Quinn in The Batman Sequel

Should Harley Quinn and Robin make their debut in Matt Reeves’ sequel to The Batman? Annlyel explores the possibilities

After watching The Batman (Read our review) yesterday my thoughts were primarily on the film I had just watched and all of the incredible achievements within it. But, unsurprisingly, my thoughts were on the future as well. The movie alludes to a sequel with its origin story-like storytelling and THAT cameo that was surprising. But what can we expect from the sequel? And which new characters will we potentially meet? Well, here are two characters that I think would make a big impact on the upcoming Batman film to make it stand out as this movie did.

The Batman

Dick Grayson/Robin

One thing the live-action Batman movies have never really embraced is the dynamic between Batman and Robin. There was Batman Forever and Batman & Robin which featured the iconic duo but those movies have always been considered poorly. Christopher Nolan took a different approach by having Joseph Gordon-Levitt play a cop named John Blake whose middle name was revealed to be “Robin.” In a way, he was a bit of a sidekick to the Dark Knight but he never got to wear the suit.

Considering THAT cameo at the end of The Batman the sequel could begin to feel somewhat similar to The Dark Knight. So how should it differ from that film and stand on its own? Well, introducing the Caped Crusader’s iconic sidekick in this sequel would be perfect for this iteration of The Batman.

It was established that Pattinson’s Caped Crusader has a soft spot for individuals who have had a bit of a tragic past. If this Dark Knight met a young, butt-kicking vigilante on the streets who had the same values as him I could easily see him taking him under a wing. In fact, I kind of need this to happen!

Robin Steps Out of Batman’s Shadow in the Debut Trailer for DC Universe Series Titans

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has gained popularity over the past few years. Thanks, in part to Margot Robbie’s iconic portrayal of the character beginning in Suicide Squad. And once again, considering THAT cameo, I think Harley Quinn would be a fantastic addition to this dark and grimy world.

Her laughter echoing through the streets would be something to remember.

So, those are the two characters that I would love to see in a sequel. Whatever happens, this is the most excited I’ve been for a sequel to a DC Comics movie ever. Like Denis Villeneuve, Matt Reeves has a vision. And I can’t wait to see that vision continue in the coming years.


Are you down with Harley and Robin popping up in a potential sequel? Sound off in the comments section below.


The Batman is distributed by Warner Bros. and is playing in theatres now. 

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