September 27, 2023

Tokyo 24th Ward takes an intriguing look into the past of its secondary characters.”

It’s Wednesday so it’s time for the new episode of Tokyo 24th Ward!


This week is a very different episode. Indeed, it doesn’t focus on our usual trio. Instead, the story focuses on the older supporting cast. On one hand, it’s disappointing that we don’t see our usual main characters. On the other hand, getting to know the past of the supporting cast informs us on why they do what they do in the present timeline. Which is really intriguing.

This episode gives us a look at their lives from 1999 to the moment Asumi’s body is used to activate the KANAE system. It spans roughly twenty years so it has a lot to say. All the characters were different at the time except maybe Tsuzuragawa. It feels to me as if she hasn’t changed much. Actually, the change for her happened when she became Carneades in the present timeline. So, Carneades is her redemption in a way.

Wataru Tsukushi and Gori changed a lot through the years. Young Wataru reminds me a lot of Shuta because he wants to be a hero and help people. Gori isn’t a man ready to do anything for the KANAE system. He is a man who cares about his wife, he seems genuinely good. The event that changes everything is obviously Kanae’s death. Furthermore, this episode is quite poignant.


0th’s story is probably the most surprising one. In fact, he used to work with Kanae on the program to predict the future. Thus, it’s quite the change of life going from a scientist to a street artist. But now, it makes sense why he is against the KANAE system. He knows what it does because he helped creating it. His relationship with Tsuzuragawa is also explained. 0th has just become a much more important character to the overall storyline.

Finally, I do need to mention something about 0th’s outfit. His scientist outfit is ridiculous. He is dressed as a cowboy. And I have no idea why. It’s just so weird.


Tokyo 24th Ward takes an intriguing look into the past of its secondary characters.

Tokyo 24th Ward is now streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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