September 27, 2023

“This week’s episode is intense and entertaining as it focuses on the matches between Sunlight Beverage and Unisics.”

After my review of the first six episodes last week, I’m continuing to review the series weekly. And today, it’s the seventh episode.


Last week’s episode focused on the work storyline with the first tests for Shiratori’s leek beverage. Today’s episode is quite different. Indeed, it focuses on the end of the intercompany tournament. This time it’s Sunlight Beverage versus Unisics. We see all the matches but there is a focus on the doubles. Sota’s match goes at light speed. Though, it highlights the superiority of his adversary. Sota had no shot against Misora.

Saeki and Takeda’s match is entertaining. I do love at the beginning when Takeda imagines everyone naked. It gives him the confidence he needs. It’s a nice evolution of the character. At the beginning of the series, he couldn’t stand the crowd and was too stressed. Now, he is not afraid and he can give the best of himself. It definitely is a beautiful match. It’s also a real joy to see Takeda’s evolution.

Miyazumi and Shiratori’s match is the most intense one as they face the number two champion of badminton. The way that sequence is animated transports you directly into the match. You can feel every shuttlecock the rackets hit. It’s on par with Free! swimming scenes. Miyazumi and Shiratori’s dynamic is the best. Indeed, they have genuine respect for each other and they have learned to work together. Over the course of seven episodes, Shiratori has had a meaningful development. He actually cares about his team now!


This episode highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the Sunlight Beverage team. Therefore, it shows them what they need to work on for the upcoming tournament. And they won’t be alone. Indeed, Usuyama is finally joining them. It’s going to be interesting to see the new dynamic of the team with him. Furthermore, it’s going to be liberating for him to play badminton again. And I’m also interested to see what it will mean for Usuyama at work. Will he finally become more open and not so strict?

However, troubles are coming for our team. First, there is a hint at Miyazumi’s leg problem. If he can’t play during the next tournament, it’s going to be a problem for Shiratori. Moreover, the post credits scene hints that they will have to fight to keep their team alive after their defeat at intercompany tournament.


This week’s episode is intense and entertaining as it focuses on the matches between Sunlight Beverage and Unisics.

Salaryman’s Club is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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