November 29, 2022

“This is a beautiful and wholehearted episode with a lot of sweet scenes between Sasaki and Miyano.”

It’s Sunday so this means it’s time for the new episode of Sasaki and Miyano. But it also means there are only two episodes left this season. There will be an OVA in July too.


Last week‘s episode ended with the beginning of the festival. This week picks up where we left off at the bad boys’ cafe from Sasaki’s class. It starts nicely with Miyano interacting with Hirano and Hanzawa. There is actually a meaningful scene with the latter. Indeed, Miyano asks him about finding confidence to figure out his feelings for the person he cares about. I wish we had seen more of Hanzawa this season, he’s genuinely a pleasant character. That scene also implies that there is more to that story’s character. So I would love to see it told on screen.

From there, this episode goes hard with the feels and does not stop until the very end. Sasaki and Miyano spend a lot of time together. They go on their “date” at the festival. Obviously, it’s cuteness overload. They perfectly know each other’s tastes, it’s so nice to see them proposing to go to a stand they know the other would love.

And it doesn’t end there. There is also the costume contest that features a nice interaction between Sasaki and Kuresawa. I love how it’s so obvious for everyone that Miyano and Sasaki are in love; while Miyano still isn’t sure about this whole thing. Moreover, we finally witness the fireworks scene from the opening theme. Miyano actually asks Sasaki more time to give him his answer. It’s a beautiful and intimate scene. But it’s also an emotional one.


The Sasaki and Miyano sweetness content doesn’t stop there. They inadvertently meet at the mall. We get to see Protective Sasaki again when he interrupts Ogasawara and Miyano at the cafe. This scene is simply hilarious! Since, we get Protective Sasaki, we also have Embarrassed Miyano. It’s so precious.

Furthermore, they end up going on a movie date to see a live action BL. And that whole sequence is absolutely charming. But more importantly, it’s another turning point in the series. Indeed, Miyano finally finds confidence to accept the feelings he has for Sasaki. He knows that he loves him the way Sasaki loves him. Next week’s episode is called ‘What do I do with these feelings?’ I can already tell it’s going to be a doozy.


This is a beautiful and wholehearted episode with a lot of sweet scenes between Sasaki and Miyano.

Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Funimation.


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