February 7, 2023
Regal Robot Unveils New Additions To The Parts Of The Galaxy Collection

It’s time to clear some space on your shelf because REGAL ROBOT has unveiled new additions to their “Parts of the Galaxy” collection

Our pals over at Regal Robot have sent over fresh details about their upcoming additions to the Star Wars collection. Over the last few months, Tom and his team have added some wonderful replica limbs to their collection. And today, they are adding C-3PO’s severed arm from Star Wars: A New Hope! But the fun doesn’t end there because a return to Jabba’s Palace is on the cards with the Rancor Gate Control Magnet Set. Check out the full release notes and image galleries below.

Regal Robot C-3PO Arm Magnet


This magnetic mini sculpture is inspired by C-3PO’s arm from Star Wars: A New Hope™, based on the scene where the Tusken Raiders™ attack Luke Skywalker™, Threepio, and R2-D2™, leaving the protocol droid’s arm in the sand. Spoiler alert – don’t worry, Luke later fixed it in Obi-Wan Kenobi™’s hut!

Order yours here. $29.99



Our Rancor™ Gate Control Magnet Set is part of our “Parts of the Galaxy” line, inspired by the wonderful elements of the classic used-universe we all know and love. This special set includes a magnet styled after the control panel from the rancor pit at the palace of Jabba the Hutt™ and a second magnet based on the skull used by Luke Skywalker™ to cleverly defeat the beast in its lair.

The control magnet is approximately 3″ tall and was digitally sculpted based on a digital scan of the original film prop. Both the panel and scaled skull magnets in this highly detailed set are finished with layers of hand paint and distressing.  Each is made and hand-finished by the FX artists in our New York studio.

Order yours here. $34.99



Tom and his team certainly know how to craft spectacular collectibles. And the Rancor Gate Control Set is the perfect addition to the collection. And thankfully, we won’t have to wait to get our hands on them. Both of these wonderful new magnets are available to order now, so dust off your X-Wing and jump to lightspeed.

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