January 30, 2023

I thought we were going to get a treat in the form of a General Grievous story. But Star Wars Galactic Tales: Saber Truth is extremely ridiculous and boring

Star Wars Insider 210 arrived on May 3, 2022, just a day before Star Wars Day. I thought we were going to get a treat in the form of a General Grievous story, as the second of the quaternary of stories in Galactic Tales. But we were sorely disappointed. A story from the point of view of Grievous has not been seen for some years, and I was eager to get back into his mindset. Yet, this story’s plot was extremely ridiculous, boring, and overall just terrible.

Matthew Wood | Being General Grievous (Interview)


It starts with a clone trooper named Checkbox taking inventory of some large metal boxes. He hears a sound and instead of doing a scan, “smartly” presses his head against the box and gets vivisected by a lightsaber. Pop goes the Kalee. (Sigh). Grievous is in the box and the other boxes each contain a MagnaGuard. It’s just such an absurd and unlikely entrance, that I almost laughed out loud. General Grievous is portrayed as a bumbling idiot throughout most of the short tale. And the only arguably good part of this story is that the writer must’ve been a fan of Gendy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars because Grievous remembers almost word for word, the dialogue Dooku had when training Grievous. Aside from that, Grievous was turned from an unstoppable monster, into an incompetent fool, who gets outwitted easily by an archivist padawan who is transporting artifacts from the High Republic.

Matthew Wood | Being General Grievous (Interview)


The Padawan is Anap Ree-Di and she HAS to announce to Grievous that she is neither her nor him. It’s unnecessary shoehorning of Woke culture personal pronouns and looks ridiculous in Star Wars. The plot just keeps falling on its face with poorly written fight scenes, crummy dialogue, and unlikely scenarios. Like how Grievous doesn’t butcher the captain of the ship when he gets to the flight deck. He manages to kill the rest of the crew, but lets this guy live? Also, I think he got schooled worse than when the Gungans defeated him, by this Padawan.

Matthew Wood | Being General Grievous (Interview)


At this point, we should just let Grievous die, because Saber Truth did not do him any favors. I much prefer the terrifying monster depicted by Jeremy Barlow in the Maul comic from Dark Horse. We are halfway through Galactic Tales and I sincerely hope George Mann delivers something better than this unsalvageable mess in Insider 211. The story will feature Dexter Jettser, a fan favorite of mine. If you can’t wait to hear about Dex – don’t worry. He may appear sooner than you think.

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