February 7, 2023

Bubble is a visual wonder that juggles between the thrills of parkour and the lyrical exploration of what it means to be human.”

Wit Studio’s lastest project Bubble is now available on Netflix. Most well-known for Attack On Titan, is their latest project living up to its hype?


First of all, Bubble is a post-apocalyptic movie. It takes place in a Tokyo that was trapped in a bubble that a strange event. This bubble changes the laws of gravity. And that is where we meet our hero Hibiki who is part of a parkour team. Different teams in Tokyo take part in parkour tournaments to win supplies. However, everything changes when a girl named Uta enters their lives.

There is definitely an effort on the writing side to create something original. In fact, they created a compelling world. The story juggles between the parkour storyline and the Uta storyline. Actually, both storylines connect in a meaningful way. On one hand, you have the parkour storyline that brings the thrills. On the other hand, the Uta storyline is a lyrical exploration of what it means to be a human. This movie is definitely a lot of things. It is a beautiful tale but also a moving one. Actually, as is life. So, I would probably recommend some tissues.

What’s more, Hibiki is not your typical hero. He lives in a world of his own. Indeed, he suffers from hyperacusis. Thus, he tends to avoid other people. Exactly because of that, he is an endearing character. And with Uta, he learns to open himself to others which makes his character development so significant.


Moreover, Bubble shines visually. This post-apocalyptic version of Tokyo is marvellous. It really transports you to a different world while still keeping a feet in our reality. Indeed, you clearly recognize some parts of our Tokyo but it is deconstructed to create this new gravity world. I can understand why for Japan they went with a theatrical release. Because this movie needs to be experienced on a screen as big as possible. It is a visual wonder. Besides, the parkour sequences are so well animated. It truly captures the adrenaline of parkour.

Beyond the scenery, the character designs are also quite beautiful. Though, the very best thing when it comes to the characters is the close-up shots. There is something in the way the faces are animated that makes it so special. The details in the eyes, the lips, the hair, these shots are breathtaking.


This movie gathers an impressive voice cast. And Riria makes a rather good debut. However, the highlight of this cast is without any doubt Jun Shison. He delivers an heartfelt performance that really makes you care about his character.


Hiroyuki Sawano is composing the score for this movie. You can currently here his work on Fanfare of Adolescence. Honestly, this man never disappoints. Indeed, his score for Bubble is brilliant. It adds a lot to the creation of this post-apocalyptic world. At the same time, it is soothing and also daring.


Bubble is a visual wonder that juggles between the thrills of parkour and the lyrical exploration of what it means to be human.

Bubble is now streaming on Netflix worldwide except in Japan. In Japan the movie will be released in cinemas on May 13.


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