September 30, 2023

“This episode closes the first part of Fanfare of Adolescence in a powerful and hopeful way.”

It is Saturday so as usual this means it is time for a new episode of Fanfare of Adolescence. After last week’s emotional episode, what happens now for our team?


This episode picks up sometime after episode 6 just when the exam is coming for our team of characters. They are all ready to prove their worth, even Yu. Indeed, he has done an accelerated re-education with the help of his classmates, Mr. Doctor and Tako. Moreover, it is important to notice Tako’s evolution since the beginning of the series. At first, she was there just to record the documentary and follow Saionji’s orders. As she saw Yu being really motivated to become a jockey, she slowly showed that she cared for him and that she doubted her orders. In this episode, she fully supports him. And this is heartwarming to witness. Because now everyone around Yu believes in him.

His comeback is a team effort with his former teammates and new classmates. I think it is quite powerful to see this. Moreover, his storyline with Mr. Doctor is finally concluded in a satisfying way.

What we see in this episode is a logical progression from what we previously saw. Besides, this is the culmination of the first six episodes where our characters trained their best. It is full of hope as our characters successfully passes their test. Plus, it gives a feeling of genuine camaraderie. Actually, this marks the end of the first part. And you can definitely feel it. So it is also bittersweet in a way.


However, one character is missing from the team. Hayato took his decision last week to leave the school. But he does not leave without a proper goodbye. Indeed, he makes amend with Yu and finally has an open heart conversation with his father. I liked this character and I think he had a compelling development in the last few episodes. Though, him leaving the school does make sense. Moreover, it is quite competitive so not everyone was going to succeed.


The post credits scene gives us a first look at the new chapter beginning next week. It picks up one year later and features Shun in a brand new environment as we are introduced to a new trainer. I do hope this means the story will explore more his character. After all, he is the lead with Yu. After the episode aired, new key visuals and a trailer was released. Great things are coming.


This episode closes the first part of Fanfare of Adolescence in a powerful and hopeful way.

Fanfare of Adolescence is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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