December 8, 2023

Sasaki and Miyano announces two new collaborations.

As we are all waiting for news of the next Sasaki and Miyano project, two new collaborations have been announced. The first collab is with Medicos and it is starting today. It will end on July 3. The event takes place in Shibuya (Tokyo) at the Medicos shop. As usual, we get a new illustration. Obviously, this one features Sasaki and Miyano. And the theme is amusement park.

Fans who go to Medicos shop will be able to buy some new merchandise featuring this illustration. You can get different types of acrylic stands, acrylic keychains, badges, a B2 poster, a little bag, a tote bag. Plus, there are also limited bonus cards.

Moreover, today is Sasaki’s birthday. So to celebrate this big day, the series has teamed up with Kujibikido. This collab also includes chibi tanabata illustrations. And it also starts today. It will end on July 8.

This collaboration is different as this is a lottery. This can be frustrating but this is a common practice and it can also be fun to try and get what you want. A lottery ticket costs 770 Yen and you can choose which type of product you want to get for the lottery. First you have tapestries featuring the new birthday illustration of Sasaki and Miyano. Plus, there are other tapestries previous illustrations. Then you can get acrylic stands, chibi acrylic stands, keychains and badges. If you buy 10 tickets for the lottery, you will get a postcard. From June 17 to June 28, the postcards will feature the birthday illustrations while from June 28 to July 8 will feature the chibi tanabata illustrations.

Furthermore, Priroll is doing Sasaki themed birthday cakes and cupcakes. If you live in Japan you can go and get one!

SOURCE: Medicos and Kujibikido  and Priroll

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