September 22, 2023

“This week’s episode of Phantom of the Idol explores Yoshino’s character while also bringing the usual fun.”

After another satisfying episode last week, what happens in this week’s episode?


Once again, this episode delivers a lot in terms of humor. The Niyodo and Asahi duo is priceless. Their opposing personalities are great source of laughs. The first part of the episode focuses on what type of Idol Niyodo should be. I can honestly say that I couldn’t stop laughing during that whole part. It results in the creation of a Gothic outfit. It is just so ridiculous! I do not know what was funnier seeing the outfit or seeing the other characters’ reaction to it.


Even so last week, I complained about not seeing Yoshino enough, he has a lot of screentime this week! Indeed, we learn so much about him. This is exactly what I wanted. So far, it felt like Yoshino was the motivated person of the group and he was doing all the work. But things are not always as they seem. In fact, Yoshino is shy and insecure. Which means it is not always easy for him to be an Idol. It is even a challenge for him. Actually, he does not really feel like an Idol.

There is a scene when he meets two of his fans. It is difficult for him. He is so embarassed as he does not feel capable of pronouncing any sort of answer. And then, Niyodo comes to the rescue which gives Yoshino the strength to say something. Actually, they do complete each other.

Thus, Yoshino and Niyodo are actually the perfect team. Because, they both have a lot to learn about what it means to be an Idol. Actually, they are together on this journey. And by supporting each other, they will evolve to become better Idols.

Also that scene at the cafe was absolutely delightful. I cannot say that I did not want to make fluffy pancakes and a parfait afterwards. Cafes in Japan are simply heaven!


This episode has different end credits. The song is mix of Rock and Pop. And the visuals are inspired by Niyodo’s outfit from the beginning of the episode. So these credits have a gothic feel. It is a nice change from the usual credits. Plus, it goes along with the joke from earlier in the episode. So, this is fun.

Moreover, this episode plays it differently with the post credits scene. Indeed, this time the scene does not feature Niyodo’s fans but Hitomi the manager. This was definitely a less interesting scene than the previous post credits scenes. I do hope we go back to the usual for that next week.


This week’s episode of Phantom of the Idol explores Yoshino’s character while also bringing the usual fun.

Phantom of the Idol is now streaming on ADN and HIDIVE.

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