Free! The Final Stroke Part 1 and 2 finally arrive in the UK!

After months of waiting, UK fans can finally rejoice as Free! The Final Stroke arrives in cinemas on August 31st. And they get the ultimate experience as Parts 1 and 2 will be screened back to back. It is double the fun. You can already book your tickets on the official site. Odeon, Showcase, and Vue are participating in the screening event with more cinemas to be added soon.

Synopsis of Part 1 (translated from Japanese):

Haruka Nanase’s new stage for the world is Sydney, a dreamful place he visited once. One day, while taking a short break before leaving, Haruka unexpectedly runs into a swimmer who took part in the All Japan Championship, he is ready to show his determination and courage. Haruka takes his first step into a brand new world as the feelings of his friends with whom he swam together fill his heart.

The world champion Albert Volandel awaits him there. The swimmers are motivated for the competition ahead in Sydney.

What are they feeling? And what are they swimming for while competing on the world stage? Their fierce battle with the water begins here!

You can already read our review of the first movie!

Synopsis of Part 2 (translated from Japanese):

After his first world competition, Haruka was crushed by Albert’s swimming, the “Odin of the Swim World,” and thus loosing his freedom. He was asked “Why do you swim?” questioning his relation and his place with the water and the swimming world. Struggling to find the answer, Haruka sinks into darkness on his own.

Driven by a distressing need, Haruka chooses a difficult special training, entirely devoting himself to practice. He knows that he is overworking his mind and body. His friends have to believe in him and have no choice but to watch over him.

Albert’s heartless and cold comes back to his mind. “I have to be faster, I have to be stronger.” He has to face Albert again. The final stroke cuts through the heavy and cold water. Friends stick together. What scenery Haruka’s swimming made you see?

SOURCE: All The Anime


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