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“Gripping, harrowing, and totally engrossing, Paramount Plus’ documentary series The Box will have you holding your breath until the mind-blowing conclusion.”

For some reason, I enjoy watching true-life crime documentaries. There’s something about discovering the truth about what happened and the darker side of human nature that I find fascinating. Take the Paramount Plus documentary series ‘The Box.’ Here we have a case of discovering if the prime suspect really is the killer they have been hunting for over forty years for. It is disturbing when we get the facts about some truly horrific murders and rapes committed by one man. But the investigation throws up so many disturbing facts relating to the case that we can’t help but be engrossed with the inevitable outcome.

Serial Killer Bruce Lindahl


Along the way, we get first-hand testimony of those fortunate (and I use that word loosely) enough to have survived their ordeals. We see one man’s obsession with getting to the bottom of the mystery. We see the pain that one man inflicted upon others for no reason except for his own murderous and sexual gratification. And more disturbingly, we get to discover the attitude of small-town America in the late 1970s and early 1980s. And that is the real horror we must swallow and suffer.



When Lisle Police Detective Chris Loudon re-opens the cold case murder of a high school student from 1976, DNA leads him to a suspect who liked to photograph naked young women, and who was suspected of rape. When he finds a box filled with photos of naked girls, Loudon wonders whether these were all his victims.

We follow Detective Chris Loudon throughout the three episodes. And we see a man who is obsessed with getting the answers and justice for all those affected. We also see Loudon’s personal side. He has a daughter not much older than the first murder victim and sees this as his personal quest to bring him to justice.

Detective Chris Loudon


Loudon had the suspicion that Bruce Lindahl was the man responsible for the crimes depicted in the series. But despite evidence that it was indeed Lindahl that was behind the rapes and murders, Loudon seemed to be frustrated at every turn. Coupled with the damning evidence that police forces across the country brushed off the rapes as women trying to get revenge against a former lover, he uncovered a devastating truth. That Lindahl should have been incarcerated long before he took his first innocent life.


Detective Chris Loudon continues his investigation into serial killer Bruce Lindahl. Using photos Lindahl had taken of naked young women, Loudon identifies more possible victims. And he uncovers the shocking fact that the police suspected Lindahl but let him go free. With the revelations of the last episode fresh in our minds, the investigation goes up a notch.


We discover more about this depraved human being and how he managed to evade capture. Loudon discovers more than he bargained for. And the shocking revelations keep on coming. And the episode will end with one shocking revelation that the viewer won’t see coming from a mile away. And it will make the viewer reconsider their opinions on the case.


Detective Chris Loudon continues his investigation into serial killer Bruce Lindahl and uncovers suspicious behavior by the police back in the ‘70s. In order to prove Lindahl’s guilt once and for all, Loudon decides to make one final shocking decision. The episode will finally reveal the truth once and for all. I shan’t tell you how they accomplished the almost impossible. But suffice to say, when the resolution finally comes, you will be happy that the case is finally solved. And I dare you not to punch the air or cheer at Loudon’s words when the truth is revealed. It is a fitting end to a fine documentary series.


The series has it all for the viewer. It has twists and turns you’d normally expect in some Hollywood thriller. But this is reality. And it shocks us to our cores to discover some of the facts that are shown and proven here. I’ll let you make up your own minds about one person we will meet, follow and hear from during the three episodes. It is a shame that we will never know the full extent of their guilt or innocence but the series allows us to make up our own minds. I have my thoughts on it. And they ain’t good, believe me. But without the defining proof that is so desperately needed, we can never know for sure.


But we can see from the start where the mistakes were made. How vital pieces of the puzzle were overlooked or simply ignored. It is here where the true tragedy and failings of the story lie. If it wasn’t for these criminal oversights, Bruce Lindahl would have been caught and incarcerated, instead of being able to continue his reign of terror for years before his own ironic demise. It is a cautionary tale for all involved. Thankfully, the lessons have been learned now so such incidents are now few and far between.


But it is a damning lesson that had to be learned by United States law enforcement. And a painful one for the families of the victims, to be sure. But the story told here will chill the viewer to the bone before ending with a sad note of triumph. Gripping, harrowing, and totally engrossing, Paramount Plus’ documentary series The Box will have you holding your breath until the mind-blowing conclusion. And I totally recommend it.

“The Box” is now available to watch as a boxset on Paramount Plus. To start your viewing, click here.


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