Phantom of the Idol delivers an hilarious episode loaded with an extravaganza of super fans craziness.”

There are only two episodes left of Phantom of the Idol as the anime Summer season is soon coming to an end. So what happens this week?


This episode alternates scenes with the super fans and scenes with ZINGS making their calendar. It is an absolutely delightful episode. The super fans get even crazier than usual. ZINGS has asked the fans to choose their costumes for the calendar. And as you can guess this is source of complete chaos within the fandom. They struggle to decide which costumes to choose as they think they are not worthy of choosing. It is so exaggerated which create a comedic effect. I could not stop laughing the whole time. Jiki is definitely the most extreme of the group. Though, when Tsugiko starts talking about glasses, it does get INTENSE. In the middle of that, their friend of C-Grass is encouraging them to actually aim high for ZINGS. It is an episode of pure comedy.


As the super fans choose the costumes, we do get to see Niyodo and Yoshino during their shoot for the calendar. And that part is just as funny. Obviously making a calendar is not easy for Niyodo. Everything just bores him. But that probably even more than the rest. He just does not want to understand why the fans would be happy with more merchandise. As a result, their manager Hitomi just gets angry to the point where she mistreats him. It is an avalanche of laughs.

Right from the start with the Summer shoot, we get that it is going to be a difficult adventure of Niyodo. With each new costume, Niyodo is even more tired while Yoshino really does his best as usual. Surprisingly, he does get the best idea for the final costume. However, the reason behind his choice is clearly because of his laziness. The interactions between him and Yoshino are priceless. Yoshino is always so shocked by Niyodo’s nonchalance. The line delivery by the voice actors is simply on point.


End credits are once again different. This time, we get one of Asahi’s songs. Since, we get to spend time with the super fans during the whole episode, the post-credits scene features someone else. We see Setouchi again who discovers the calendar of ZINGS.


Phantom of the Idol delivers an hilarious episode loaded with an extravaganza of super fans craziness.

Phantom of the Idol is now streaming on ADN and HIDIVE.


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