Sasaki and Miyano opens a pop up shop with The Chara!

Sasaki and Miyano has announced another collaboration. This time, they team up with The Chara for a pop up shop. It will be in Tokyo at the Ikebukuro P’PARCO shopping mall. It starts on September 2 and ends on September 14. As usual with each new collaboration, we get new illustrations. This one features the two main couples of this franchise – Sasaki and Miyano, Hirano and Kagiura. And each one is holding a doll of their loved one.

At this pop up shop, you will find the usual merchandise from collaborations. This means you can buy a clear file, microfiber handkerchiefs, can badges, keychains and different types of acrylic stands. Plus, if you spend enough in merchandise, you will receive a random bromide!

Are you ready for more Sasaki and Miyano awesomeness? And international fans, do not worry! If you want to get any of these awesome collectibles, The Chara will have a mail order sale after the event on their online store.

SOURCE: The Chara



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