September 27, 2023
New Battle-Damaged RoboCop Figure Announced By MAFEX

The future of law enforcement is returning to Medicom. MAFEX has announced a new battle-damaged RoboCop figure 

MAFEX has made a habit of delivering exceptional RoboCop figures. The original RoboCop figure was sublime, and the RoboCop 2 variant was breathtaking. But for its next addition to the line, Medicom is bringing us a new battle-damaged version from the original movie’s climax.  And what’s more, the new figure boats an exceptional likeness to Peter Weller.

Mafex Battle-Damaged RoboCop

If that isn’t enough, the 6.3″ figure boasts a full battled damaged sculpt, Robo’s trusty auto-9 pistol, interchangeable hands, a Cobra Assault Cannon, and swap out pieces for his mechanical hip holster. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the gallery below.


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As a major fan of Mafex’s RoboCop line, I cannot wait to secure my pre-order for this figure. In my review of the RoboCop 2 variant, I revealed I was blown away by its brilliance. Moreover, It felt like I was holding the actual character in my hands. So imagine my excitement for this new addition.

The figure is expected to release early in 2023 and pre-orders will open at the usual outlets in the coming days. So keep checking your favorite suppliers.

Mafex Battle-Damaged RoboCop

Will you be looking to add this new figure to your collection? Sound off below.

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