December 9, 2022
Mafex Review | Robocop 2 (Medicom Toy No. 074)

The future of law enforcement brings a new level of brilliance to the Mafex range.

The quality of the Medicom Toy Mafex range continues to go from strength to strength.

Not only has it consistently delivered incredibly detailed action figure incarnations of many of the DC Universe’s most famous superheroes, but it has now turned its attention to some of pop culture’s most recognisable icons. In the last year, characters like the Kingsman, John Wick, the Alien, the Avengers and many of the titans of the Star Wars saga have all bolstered its range but standing out amongst the crowd is the future of law enforcement Robocop.


The ultra-violent American satire became a worldwide sensation back in the late eighties thanks to a masterpiece of moviemaking from director Paul Verhoeven and made Peter Weller a household name in the process. And now, Robocop arrives to headline the Mafex collection.

Just one incarnation of Robocop would have been incredible, but Medicom has decided to give the fans the ultimate gift by creating action figure versions of the character from all three original movies. Each version comes with a unique set of accessories typical of the paraphernalia he employs during the movies. Having to decide on which version to purchase first was a tough decision, however, because the blue tint of the titanium looked so damn cool, I decided to order Robocop 2 first and this incredible figure is the focus of my review.

RoboCop | RoboCop 2 – Medicom Toy Mafex (NO. 074)

Mafex Review | Robocop 2 (Medicom Toy No. 074)

First off, let me just say this figure is absolutely incredible. In fact, I will go as far as to say that this is the finest Robocop action figure I have EVER SEEN.

The packaging is, as is always the case with Mafex simple and economic but pleasantly effective in preserving the quality of its contents, all the while showcasing them in all their glory. The reverse offers a look at the figure in various poses and goes to great lengths to highlight the attention to detail Mafex has taken in producing this figure.

Upon opening the packaging, I was blown away by the sheer beauty of this figure. It is nothing short of glorious. The sculpt of the torso is unbelievably detailed. Each and every joint and rivet has been recreated in stunning detail which is only heightened further by the glorious blue tint on the titanium armour. From head to toe, the action figure is flawless and has almost everything a collector could want. The sculpt on the framework is impeccable, right down to the mechanical joints on his calves and ankles. The visor has been recreated in stunning detail and the facial features are hauntingly similar to actor Peter Weller. The rest of the armour follows suit. It’s perfect, right down to the OCP Police logo etched onto his left leg. Much like the movies, the black metallic midsection of the figure offsets the blue titanium and serves to enhance its visual brilliance.

Mafex Robocop 2 Review

With regards to articulation, and again, the joints are exceptionally refined giving you the ability to achieve any pose your mind can conceive of. I have tried several, and they all look amazing.

Mafex Robocop 2 Review

Moving on to the accessories, and Medicom has outdone themselves with this one. The box contains three interchangeable face sculpts, a changeable battle-damaged helmet visor, a battle-damaged torso chest plate, a vial of “Nuke” (the infamous drug from the movie), Robocop‘s traditional pistol complete with discharge effects, changeable leg armour complete with holster, the brain extracted from the robotic body of Robocop 2, a bolt rachet and three pairs of changeable hands. It is an incredible array of accessories and allows you to achieve several different iterations of the character throughout the film. The battle-damaged armour is exceptional. The indentations have been painstakingly recreated from the movie and look glorious when applied to the figure.

Mafex Robocop 2 Review

My only reservation about this incredible figure comes from the facial sculpts. Sadly, due to the interchangeable face option, every one of the changeable heads only comes with half of the face. The sculpt only reaches the bridge of the nose before being cut short. This is to allow the incorporation of the helmet visor. Unfortunately, this means you will never be able to recreate many sequences from the film where Robocop walks around without his helmet visor. If this option had been catered for this figure would have been the definitive Robocop figure.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

All in all, the Mafex Robocop 2 is stunning. It is simply the finest version of the character ever produced. To put in into simple terms it’s the equivalent of having a miniaturised version of the actual character in your hand…yes, it’s that good! The only way this figure could be bettered is if they find a way to incorporate the full-face version of the head. If this alternate head had been included in this set this figure would easily be regarded as unbeatable. And yet, even though this feature was omitted from the finished product, it is in no way a detraction from what otherwise is a truly magnificent figure from Mafex.
Once again, Medicom Toy’s Mafex range has surpassed itself. These figures continue to astound me with their quality and with the release of the X-Men, Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts) and Zachary Levi’s Shazam all heading our way within the next year the future is going to be one hell of a fun ride!

Kudos Mafex.

The Medicom Toys Mafex Robocop (Robocop 2) is available to buy now.


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