Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V (Iron Man 2 2022) Review

“This is an amazing figure and a unique Hot Toys Iron Man armor. It is a must-have for your collection.”

This is the third time Hot Toys reissues Iron Man Mark V (MK5) from Iron Man 2. This one is the 2022 reissue. Sideshow Collectibles is currently shipping pre-orders while it is already available in the Asian markets.


Since it is a new reissue, the box is different from the 2017 reissue. This one has the most recent box design for diecast figures, which means it opens on the side. It is simple – it features a drawing of the character and uses grey and red just like the colors of the armor. There is an arc reactor on the side, between Mark V, and at the back with the product information.


You get some nice accessories with this figure! I love that you have additional armor pieces to recreate a battle-damaged look!

For the display base, they printed a piece of the race road on a piece of plastic that they glued to the display base. You also have a beautiful name plate. This is a lot more simple than the big race track diorama base from the new announcement for the exclusive reissue. On the good side, it won’t take up too much space in your display!

The figure has eight hands, two fist hands, two open hands, and two hands with fully articulated fingers. That’s usual for diecast figures. Then you also have two battle-damaged hands, one semi-open hand, and one fist hand. On these hands, you can see a part of the race suit that Tony has underneath. As usual with Hot Toys, it’s all about the little details!

Then, you have a shoulder pad, chest pieces, and an arm that you can interchange on the figure to recreate a battle-damaged look. It’s not just some paint scratches, it’s full battle damaged. I love when Hot Toys gives us different possibilities for display.

This figure comes with a piece of Whiplash’s arc reactor, so you can have the figure holding it in its hands.

And finally, there’s the suitcase that contains this Mark 5 armor. If you have a Tony Stark figure, it can be nice to display him with this. It’s made of plastic but there’s beautiful metallic paint!


Mark V is a unique armor. It feels so different from the other Iron Man armor. First because of its colors – red and silver, there is absolutely no gold there. But, it is also unique because of the armor itself. It gives the feeling that all the pieces are stitched together. Since I started collecting Hot Toys figures I’ve been wanting this Iron Man armor so I am glad they made a reissue this year. This is armor with a lot of details on the armor and a lot of different pieces. Hot Toys has done a wonderful job recreating this armor!

Since it’s an Iron Man figure, it’s diecast so it’s a bit heavy and it has a metallic feel. Plus, you also have the usual LED light-up feature. At the back, you have air flaps that you can move like on several Iron Man figures.

There are several pieces that you can move to recreate the moment Tony Stark suits up. I have to say be careful with the tibia parts as these pieces surely feel fragile. I think this is an awesome way to display the figure. And if you don’t intend to buy the suit-up version, you can still give him a suit-up pose.

Even though there are several small paint scratches all over the armor, you also can go full battle damaged. So this is basically three different looks for this figure – suit-up, normal and battle-damaged. I love that! For the battle-damaged pieces, I would say be careful when you interchange them. You wouldn’t want any of them to break. I love this look! It looks amazing! I think this is the way I’ll display it for a while.

In terms of articulation, the figure has over 30 points of articulation. So you can get some awesome poses. The torso, elbows, and legs can be slightly extended for an even wider articulation range!


As for the headsculpt, it’s the same one as the previous reissue. It’s a sculpt made by KOJUN and painted by JC Hong. I think it’s spot on! It looks like Robert Downey Jr. at the time of Iron Man 2. KOJUN’s Tony Stark head sculpts have always been fantastic. And since it is when he wears Mark V, there is a little bit of blood on one side of his face.



This is an amazing figure and a unique Iron Man armor. It is a must-have for your collection. But which version to get? It’s quite simple, it all depends on which display base you prefer, this one or the one from the upcoming reissue.

The Hot Toys Iron Man MK-V is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States and is available to PRE-ORDER NOW! 


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