Eman Esfandi Cast as Ezra Bridger in Star Wars Ahsoka

Has Star Wars: Ahsoka found its Ezra Bridger? Multiple reports suggest that Eman Esfandi has been cast as the live-action Jedi Apprentice

Multiple reports are suggesting that Eman Esfandi has been cast as the live-action Ezra Bridger in the upcoming Star Wars: Ahsoka series. Rosario Dawson and Natasha Liu Bordizzo have already begun filming scenes as Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren respectively. But until now, Ezra Bridger’s involvement has been little more than a rumor.


But now, with Cinelinx leading the charge and reporting this casting, it seems that Ezra Bridger’s involvement in the forthcoming series is all but confirmed. Of course, during the second season of The Mandalorian, it was confirmed that Ahsoka had been searching the galaxy for Grand Admiral Thrawn. And Lars Mikkelsen has been rumored to be reprising his role as the devious Imperial tactician in Ahsoka. So for all intents and purposes, it seems that the Ahsoka series will be picking up the loose plot threads from Star Wars: Rebels and will reveal the conclusion of the storyline. Which will be music to the ears of fans everywhere!

Esfandi’s casting has now been all but confirmed by Mena Massoud, another contender for the role who has tweeted his delight that the rumor mill will finally stop. Although he does claim that he never really “had a fair shot” at getting the role. Read his comments below:


Star Wars: Ahsoka is currently filming in the Volume at Manhattan Beach Studios. As well as the trainyard at El Segundo, in Los Angeles. With Disney’s D23 Expo taking place this weekend, the smart money is on Lucasfilm officially confirming this casting news. But until word officially emerges from the halls at Lucasfilm, we should take this report with a pinch of salt. But of course, we’ll keep you updated with the latest news as soon as it arrives. You’ll never miss a thing with Future of the Force.

Star Wars: Ahsoka will release in 2023.


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