Star Wars Insider Tales Of Enlightenment New Prospects Part One Review

Max takes a space detour to Jedha City to explore the latest short story found within the pages of Star Wars Insider magazine

Star Wars Insider 213 arrived today, and we are getting a nice end to the summer with a return of all-exclusive short fiction. We are also entering the very beginning of Phase II of The High Republic initiative. And in a curve from left field, Part 2 is more like Part 0 as it takes place a century before Part 1. Why they are going this route, I am not sure. However, it reminds me very much of how George made the Prequels after the Original Trilogy. And perhaps they are following this winning formula.

Star Wars Jedha City


New Prospects takes place on Jedha, (a world Rogue One fans are very familiar with) and Jedha is the Star Wars equivalent of Mecca. A deep religious haven for members of the Jedi Order and other Force-worshippers. Our main character is a young man named Keth Cerapath. Keth worked at the Temple of the Kyber, and he is a twenty-something-ish who dreams of a life of more excitement than his mundane tasks at the temple. At the end of the working day, he heads to his favorite bar, The Enlightenment, and has a drink among beings who are loosely his friends.

We never really hear what Keth does at the Temple, besides putting up with an annoying droid. But I’m sure this will change in Part 2. Everyone at this bar knows him from the bartender to the owner and he seems like a likable fellow. George Mann is the author of this tale, and George has distinguished himself in the Star Wars literature world with his tales within tales.

The Jedi Council Star Wars Revenge of the Sith


He wrote “Dark Legends” and “Myths & Fables” which are collections of stories within the Star Wars universe itself. So it’s no surprise that this tale quickly diverges into that. Kev and his drinking buddies meet a Human woman named Saretha von Beel who is a hyperspace prospector. We learned from Phase 1 that hyperspace is still being mapped as of the completion of Starlight Beacon. And since this story is from 100 years prior, it isn’t super-surprising that we are seeing this again.

We are witnessing the beginning of the Hyper-Age. Anyway, Saretha was mapping hyperlanes and works out of Batuu, which fans know as the last civilized world before the Unknown Regions. Saretha has a tale to tell, and her only payment request is a drink. Or two. Keth is quite desperate for a little excitement, so he antes up and Saretha tells her tales of getting robbed by pirates and meeting a Jedi Master. Keth is awestruck by this, as while he has seen Jedi many times at the Temple, he has never spoken to one.

This is quite interesting and relatable as you can truly work in a field of study and never meet what you are studying. If he is studying. We do not get an insight into what his duties at the temple are. The Jedi Master in Saretha’s story is a very typical-zen Jedi Master and sometimes you grow tired of this archetype Jedi model. However, he is quite impressive and has compassion and brains. So I was intrigued by his intentions.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order New


The story ends on a cliffhanger, just when Saretha gets to the good part. I’m pretty sure Mann doesn’t have anything up his sleeve that will rock my world. But I am curious to hear the second half of Saretha’s story. Something about Jedi Master Lee Haro caught my attention, as his plan of getting from place to place, is how I say? Unorthodox. I always like to be engaged with a strong story point, and Mann seems to have hit the spot. Give it a read.

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