December 10, 2023

Sasaki and Miyano unveils a first teaser of the upcoming film.

This Summer, we learned that Sasaki and Miyano would be back with a film in 2023. This news was more than welcomed by fans who were wondering what was next for these characters on the screen. Furthermore, it was announced that along with the film, we would get an Hirano and Kagiura short. Today, we finally have the release date in Japan. The film will be released on February 17. As of now, there are no information if there will be an international release in cinemas. Though, if it doesn’t happen, Crunchyroll will likely stream it on their platform as they had the rights for the first season.

Moreover, we also have our first look at the film. The teaser is a montage from season 1 with at the end Miyano waiting at the train station as snow falls. As usual with first teasers, it does not reveal much but this is a nice surprise.

Finally, along with the teaser the first key visual has been unveiled featuring the two main characters.

Season 1 of Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Crunchyroll

SOURCE: Official Site

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