October 1, 2023

“This is an amazing season finale for The Rings of Power. It is an episode of reveals setting the grounds for season two.”

This is the episode of The Rings of Power that we were all waiting for. The season finale is time for reveals and this one has plenty in store for us!


The episode points us right away in the wrong direction with the Stranger. But we are smarter than this and we know who he really is. Although, it is not a big surprise that the Stranger is revealed to be an Istar (Istari), this was a much expected reveal! We witness a fierce fight against the mysterious priestesses with the help of the Harfoots. This is a powerful and also emotional sequence. And for the Stranger, it is only the beginning of this journey. Indeed, the finale only makes him realize who he is but he has a long way ahead of him to become the wizard we all know. Nevertheless, it is amazing to see him use his powers in a fight. I am so excited to see his story continue in season 2.

It took me a while to actually appreciate the Harfoots storyline but they really grow on you. Moreover, the Stranger and Nori duo is so endearing. He protects her while she helps him find his way.


Obviously, this episode reveals who is Sauron. And he is exactly who I said he was – Halbrand. Thus, just like the Stranger, this reveal isn’t really a surprise. Though, it is exciting to see how it happens. The confrontation with Galadriel isn’t with the swords, but it is a confrontation of the mind. In fact, this is smart to have gone this way. Indeed, with characters like Galadriel and Sauron, a physical fight cannot lead anywhere but this confrontation leaves its mark.

Furthermore, the elven storyline reaches a point of no return with the forging of their three rings – Nenya, Narya and Vilya. Although, they were conceived to keep the elves from fading in Middle-Earth, it marks the beginning of even bigger troubles. We spend a lot of time in Eregion during this episode. And this makes me incredibly happy as someone who loves the elves. I hope season two gives us more of this!


The Stranger and the elven storylines are the main focus of the finale but, we still get to see what is going on with Númenor. It sets the stakes for season two. Queen-Regent Míriel and Elendil are determined to return to Middle-Earth to continue the fight. Though, things may not go as planned. A dramatic event happens in Númenor. And this foreshadows the fall of the island but the birth of Gondor. We will have to wait and see how season two handles it.


However, the other storylines are completely missing from the finale. This is quite disappointing. I think they should have made a two-hour episode to include the dwarves, the Mordor and the men from the Southlands. So despite being an amazing episode, you are left with wanting more. Good thing, there is more coming.


This is an amazing season finale for The Rings of Power. It is an episode of reveals setting the grounds for season two. Originally, it was the series I was afraid to be disappointed by and yet, it turned out to be the contrary. This has been a thrilling ride from start to finish.

“The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power” is now streaming on Prime Video.

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