October 1, 2023
Hot Toys Review | Black Widow (Marvel's Black Widow)

“The Hot Toys Black Widow is an amazing figure and definitely my favorite one of Natasha Romanoff. If you are thinking of only getting one figure of this character, go for this one!”

The second Hot Toys figure from the Black Widow film has finally been released! Surprisingly, this isn’t the snow version but the black version. Both the special edition and basic version have been released in Hong Kong with pre-orders internationally starting to ship. The sole difference between both versions is Taskmaster’s shield.


Hot Toys Review | Black Widow (Marvel's Black Widow)

This is the same box design as Taskmaster. And this is definitely one of my favorite box designs for Marvel figures. The Black Widow symbol window box is such a great idea. It is a box that stands out from the usual. This figure comes with a good number of accessories. And since it’s the special edition, she also has Taskmaster’s shield which is exactly the same one that came with the Taskmaster figure. So it works with a magnet.

The display base features the Black Widow symbol in red with the name of the movie and the nameplate. It’s a simple base. Then she has ten hands. It gives you a lot of possibilities for display. There are two fist hands, two hands to hold the guns, two hands to hold the batons, two semi-open hands, and two open hands.

Hot Toys Black Widow

There are three pistols, two that can fit in the holsters, it’s the usual guns that she has. The third one is different and has additional accessories on it. The barrel of each gun can move, it’s a nice realistic feature. She also has her usual two batons, they’re different from Avengers Endgame, they require more details and different use of colors. Plus she has another set of batons that are articulated. You can have them with the hook or with the normal tip. I really like these articulated batons. Finally, you have baton handles to attach to the back of the figure.

Hot Toys Review | Black Widow (Marvel's Black Widow)


This may honestly be my favorite outfit of the character. It doesn’t feel as simple as some of her other outfits, there are different textures used there. It’s also more detailed. Plus, I love the use of gold for the gun bracelets and the belt with her symbol painted in red in the middle.

Hot Toys has done an amazing job recreating this outfit. It uses different types of fabric. But because of that, it also means you have to be careful with posing. I wouldn’t recommend leaving your figure in the same action pose for a long period of time. While, the baton carrier at the back, the shoulder pads, the belt, the gun bracelets, and the boots are made of plastic. That’s basically the usual for these parts.

They have improved the boots compared to the Endgame release. Indeed, it’s two separate pieces of plastic that give you feet articulation, that’s better for action poses! The baton carrier has some red lines. Even if it’s at the back, I think it looks really cool!

Hot Toys Review | Black Widow (Marvel's Black Widow)


The headsculpt seems to be the same as the one from Avengers Endgame. Yulli Choi’s sculptures are always fantastic! This one is no exception. It really looks like Scarlet Johansson. As usual with Hot Toys, it’s all about the details, you can see all the earrings. The braids are perfectly sculpted. For me, sculpted hair is the best!


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This is an amazing figure and definitely my favorite one of Black Widow. She has a great costume and she comes with a good number of accessories! If you are thinking of only getting one figure of this character, go for this one!

The Hot Toys Black Widow is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States and is available to PRE-ORDER NOW! 

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