November 26, 2022
Hot Toys Taskmaster Black Widow Review

Despite not featuring an Olga Kurylenko headsculpt, the Hot Toys TASKMASTER from Black Widow is an awesome figure!


Taskmaster is the latest Hot Toys figure to be released. And it is the first figure from the Black Widow movie to be released, with at least three more on the way. So is this figure worth the price?


Hot Toys Taskmaster

This is the first time we see the box design for the Black Widow movie. It is a slick design with the Black Widow symbol and a promotional drawing of the character. When you remove the first part of the box, you can get a look at the full drawing and even get behind a picture of the figure. It is a window box so you can open a part of the box and see the figure. Most of the box is dark blue. I do not know if it will be the same for all figures or if the dark blue is only used for Taskmaster because it is his color. We will see.


Hot Toys Taskmaster

He comes with different weapons. Which is great. However, I have to say I am disappointed we didn’t get an Olga Kurylenko headsculpt. I know they never said there would be one. Though we were surprised with Mysterio, so I was hoping for the same thing here. But, this time it didn’t happen.

For the display base, they made something similar to the Avengers Endgame figures. This means you have the symbol of the character and the name of the movie. They used some dark blue just like on the box and some black as well. It is a simple design. The figure comes with seven hands. There are two claws hands just like Black Panther, there is one hand to hold an arrow, two fist hands, and two hands to hold the sword or the bow.

In terms of weapons, he has a sword, a shield, and a bow with three arrows. Each arrow has a different tip. He comes with exactly what you would expect for this figure. All the weapons have a little bit of orange since it is Taskmaster. And the shield works with a super cool magnet! Plus, he has two blades, which you can attach to his arms.


Hot Toys Taskmaster

From comics to live-action, they changed the look of Taskmaster to adapt the character for live-action. And I think this is a slick design! You still have the use of blue and orange which are Taskmaster’s colors. Plus, the helmet design is here to remind us of his skull’s helmet from the comics but in a way that works for live-action. The helmet looks super cool, I really love that! It is shiny. In fact, it feels like diecast even though it isn’t. It is a threatening look.

The armor parts are made of plastic. They have a great metallic feel with some weathering and battle scratches. While the rest of the outfit uses fabric. It’s a mix of the fabric used for Captain America and sportswear fabric. This means you can give him great action poses but you have to be careful. The pockets have been stuffed with foam. So you cannot open them nor remove the foam. It is just to give the impression they are full. As for the scarf, this isn’t fabric but a piece of plastic. I don’t mind it but I don’t see why they didn’t go with fabric for that part. The hood though is made of fabric and has wires inside which means you can adjust it if needs be.

In terms of articulation, he has a great articulation range. Though, the pauldrons cannot be adjusted which means the shoulders have limited articulation.



Despite not featuring an Olga Kurylenko headsculpt, this is an awesome figure!


The Hot Toys Taskmaster is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States!


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