Thomas checks out the superb new Black Widow figure from Hot Toys

Hot Toys is finally starting to release its first batch of Avengers Endgame figures and they include characters like Rocket, War Machine, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.


The box is red, Black Widow’s color, featuring the Avenger logo and a promotional drawing of the character. The box for Endgame is basically the same as the Avengers Infinity War boxes.

As usual, before opening the figure, read the instruction sheet!

This figure doesn’t come with many accessories but it comes with all the accessories you’d expect from a Black Widow figure – 8 interchangeable hands, 2 pistols, 2 baton handles, 2 batons, a combined baton, and a stand. The Avengers Endgame stand features the Avengers logo mixed with the character’s logo. This one is purple-ish/red-ish.


The outfit features a lot of details, it’s carefully crafted. It is made of plastic and fabric, it has a special texture, kinda sticky like latex or something similar which definitely fits Black Widow’s suit. The figure has over 32 points of articulation, this type of plastic/fabric doesn’t limit in any way the articulation range, you can get awesome action poses!


About the headsculpt, it is the best Scarlett Johansson headsculpt from Hot Toys so far, it is 100% spot on! I’m impressed! Congrats to So Young Lee (head sculptor), E-Lee, and JC. Hong (head painters) and Yulli (head art direction), they have done incredible work on this one! I love how they even sculpted the earrings on the left. The ponytail is made of soft plastic so you can move the head the way you want it.

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Final Thoughts

The definitive Black Widow figure from Hot Toys with the best headsculpt of the character so far!


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