December 2, 2022

Sasaki and Miyano arrive at Dash Store in December!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Sasaki and Miyano film in 2023, Dash Store will be selling exclusive merchandise from December 3rd to December 22nd. These goods feature newly drawn illustrations of Sasaki, Miyano, Hirano and Kagiura.

Japanese fans will be able to get all the goods at the three Dash Stores – the main store in Ikebukuro, Animate Akihabara and Animate Osaka. For international fans, there is the online store. As usual with Dash Store collaborations, there is a lot of merchandise:

  • a mirror

  • 3 types of acrylic plate stands
  • a post card set

  • a 2023 desktop calendar

  • a bottle with chocolate crunch

  • 4 types of Peta

  • 8 types of rubber key chain

  • 10 types of acrylic badges (Sasaki version)

  • 10 types of acrylic badges (Miyano version)

  • 8 types of can badges

  • 4 types of acrylic stands

Obviously, there are also benefits. Everytime, you uy 2,000 Yen worth of goods, you will receive a random bromide. There are four different bromides featuring each character in their new illustration. Moreover, if you spend 3,000 Yen, you can participate in the poster lottery.

Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation arrives on February 17 in Japanese cinemas.

Season 1 of Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Crunchyroll

SOURCE: Dash Store



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