September 30, 2023
Comic Review Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1

Max joins Qi’ra for a showdown with Darth Sidious in Marvel’s gripping Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1

It’s been quite a while since I reviewed a Star Wars comic and I have come out of semi-retirement for Star Wars: Hidden Empire because of the significance I feel this comic contains. The preview on caught my eye as it depicted Palpatine in a state I had never seen before. Pure fear and panic. What could make the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith in history display such visible fear?

Qi’ra that’s who. The once-lost love of Han Solo and leader of Crimson Dawn, Qi’ra is sick of the Sith’s stranglehold on the galaxy and seeks to destroy them at any cost. Even her life. With her cute looks and Natalie Portman Mighty Thor-toned arms, Qi’ra is quite an attractive woman. She also addresses Sidious like a fearless badass, calling him Sidious to his face and rebuking all his insults towards her “foolish” actions.

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 Review


Qi’ra has discovered an ancient Dark Side weapon called the Fermata Cage. And it’s sort of like a DC Phantom Zone for evil Kryptonians. Somewhat. I felt the weapon was a bit of a letdown, to be honest, but with 4 more issues to go, I’m sure it will get more interesting. This is Charles Soule after all and he usually delivers satisfying stories. This story is being told as a flashback by a hologram of the archivist to two shadowed figures. I’m pretty sure I know who they are. This comic, like Andor, doesn’t accomplish a lot but instead sets things up for what will likely be an exciting arc.


Obviously, we know Qi’ra fails to destroy the Sith, yet it is admirable and pleasing to watch her try. Especially since she is not a Force user. The last time someone like her came around to threaten Palps was Gentis from the now-non-canon Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison miniseries. Gentis came awfully close to killing the Sith, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Will Qi’ra get even closer? I plan to see it through to the end.

The Fermata Cage was an odd-looking device and I didn’t get what it did to the Knights of Ren during the comic. But It looks like something to do with getting wrapped in a tentacled energy barrier. Hmmm. Let’s see where this goes. The art was nothing to write home about. It is standard Marvel but I do very much not like the way Palpatine’s face was drawn. All in all, everything is set up for an epic confrontation.

7.3 out of 10 Death Stars.

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 is published by Marvel Comics and is available to buy now.

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