December 8, 2023

Smile Base Cafe welcomes Moriarty The Patriot for a special collaboration!

Today, Smile Base Cafe has finally unveilled the details about their next collaboration. Starting this December, they will welcome the Patriot Cafe. It is a Moriarty The Patriot themed cafe that features a specially designed menu with some merchandise as well. The new illustration features the Moriarty clan, Sherlock and Watson sitting in comfortable chairs.

The Patriot Cafe will arrive at the Smile Base Ikebukuro first. Japanese fans will be able to go there from December 10 to December 30. Then, it will move to the Smile Base Shinsaibashi in Osaka from January 7 to January 27. Finally, at the same time, it will also be at the Smile Base Nagoya from January 7 to January 29.

The menu includes a curry, tomato spaghetti, an egg plate, British pancakes, other dishes and several drinks.

For every menu bought, fans will receive a random coaster. There are two different boxes containing a different illustration. Box A features 5 types of coaster featuring the newly drawn illustration. While Box B features 9 types of chibi character coaster.

As for the products, there will be specially in-store merchandise:

  • 10 types of can badges (random)
  • 5 types of acrylic stands
  • 2 types of muddler with acrylic charms
  • 9 types of chibi can badges (random)
  • 9 types of mini chibi acrylic stands (random)
  • 9 types of chibi glass marker
  • cloth place mat

Thankfully for international fans, there is also an online store for two exclusive type of products featuring the new illustration of the characters.

  • 5 types of extra large acrylic stands (25 cm tall)
  • 5 types of B2 taspestries

Moreover, there is a nice benefit online. If you buy an acrylic stand or a taspestry, you will receive an hard card with them.


to the great joy of international fans, there is an online store that will run during the time of the Patriot Cafe.

Season 1 of Moriarty The Patriot is now streaming on Crunchyroll. Blu-rays of Part one and two are also available.

SOURCE: Official Site

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