January 27, 2023

Play It Cool, Guys continues to be an engaging and fun slice of life. After introducing each character, these episodes bring them together for even more laugh out loud moments.”

After four episodes introducing each character, Play It Cool, Guys takes the story to the next stage. Because of the structure of this series, I decided to review it by batch of four episodes instead of the usual weekly reviews.


Episode 1 to 4 introduced one by one the four leads. We got to spend some time with each character and learning more about them. It felt more like an anthology series. Now that we know the characters, the story can get going. Indeed, episode 5 to 8 are all about bringing the characters together. And it doesn’t go too fast with that either. The story really takes its time. The four episodes take place over two days. Each one picking up roughly where the other left off. There is great story flow. It is the advantage of being a series that will run for two consecutive cours. It is double the number of the episodes, so double the fun.

These four episodes feature several laugh out loud moments. The clumsiness of the characters is so ridiculous. But at the same time, it’s quite relatable. I can’t deny that some of these situations have happened to me as well.


Furthermore, the first two episodes focus on two groups of characters separately. Obviously, each group of characters meet by accident. Episode 5 features Hayate and Takayuki. They end up going to a cafe together. At times, their episode almost feels like a BL. There is definitely a great chemistry between them. In fact, their personalities complete each other. And this episode confirms that Takayuki is my favorite character with Hayate. I could watch hours of them just hanging together.

Then, episode 6 brings Shun and Souma together. The scene when they meet is absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. I love how the two bound. Plus the use of the misunderstanding is gold comedy. They both talk about the cafe of Shun’s sister but none realize they do talk about this cafe. Each one thinks they talk about a different cafe. As the audience we know it and we laugh about it.


Moreover, this is with episode 7 that all the characters come together. They don’t all interact together but they are all at the cafe which seems like it is going to be important place for the series. Actually, two of them work there – Souma and Hayate, plus it is the cafe of Shun’s sister. And Takayuki likes it so he will be back there. This is a great place for bonding. Hayate’s first day at the cafe isn’t exactly what he expected. Indeed, he ends up helping Shun to study for his exams. And this study session is as you would expect one of the kind. It is clumsiness all around. The inner voice of the characters makes it all funnier.

Episode 8 continues the events of episode 7 in the cafe. Hayate gets to interact with the three other characters. Thus, it gives us another absolutely cute scene between him and Takayuki. I just can’t wait to see them going to another cafe together. On top of that, Hayate and Souma interactions are really funny as well with a lot of awkwardness.


Play It Cool, Guys continues to be an engaging and fun slice of life. After introducing each character, these episodes bring them together for even more laugh out loud moments.

Play It Cool, Guys is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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