January 27, 2023

Lourna Dee’s history is revealed in the immersive Star Wars: The High Republic Tempest Runner Audio Drama

It’s time to immerse ourselves in Cavan Scott‘s Star Wars: The High Republic – Tempest Runner Audio Book. But did we feel the Force and experience the power of the Jedi?

Lourna Dee and several members of her crew have been captured by the Jedi of Starlight Beacon. But they don’t know they have her. Lourna has faked her death and given them a false name. Now as Sal Krost, Lourna is sentenced to the prison ship the Restitution. There she makes friends and allies as she remembers her past and how she got to be a Tempest Runner. However, not everyone believes her dead. Pan Eyta, the presumed dead former Tempest Runner is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to get it, including killing everyone aboard the Restitution to get it.

The High Republic Tempest Runner


Lourna’s history is told in flashbacks. And we learn that she is the daughter of the Keeper of a Ryloth colony called Aaloth. She clashed with her father on what to do about the impoverished citizens and how to improve the colony financially. Unfortunately, she listened to the wrong influence, a former boyfriend, which lead to a bloody coup against her father and family and Lourna herself being sold into slavery. From there, her life doesn’t seem to get any better. Eventually, she ends up meeting Pan Eyta and joining his Tempest as a Storm before quite accidentally getting herself promoted. We also learn why she names her ship after herself, and it has less to do with vanity than you might think.

Over the years, she’s either been taken advantage of and used or had someone attempt to help her get a better life. The Jedi Oppo Rancisis saved her from slavery but dropped her off at a military academy. She attempts to leave her former life behind once aboard the Restitution, but the past won’t stay buried. Instead, she embraces who she is and emerges with a stronger Tempest made up of the ship’s former inmates.

Tempest Runner


Lourna does manage to make a friend while in prison. Fellow Twi’lek Sestin Blin befriends Lourna, and when her life is put in danger, Lourna saves Sestin revealing to the other woman who she really is. With Sestin as a friend, Lourna can begin to see a different path in life. But ultimately chooses the path that leads away from reform and a new life, but not before ensuring her new friend will get to see her family again and get the new life Sestin deserves. Proving that Lourna isn’t as hard and harsh as she comes off.

This was first released as a full-cast audiobook/drama complete with sound effects and bits of John Williams’s score throughout. It was like listening to a 1930s radio drama. It made the drive from my cousin’s house back to mine after our early Christmas (about an hour and a half of country roads) feel shorter. At only six hours, it’s not a long listen either. If audio is not your thing, you can also now read the script with has been printed as a book, or read along as you listen.

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I also learned how some of these names are pronounced, and it seems I’ve been mispronouncing them this whole time. The first a in Avar Kris’s first name is pronounced with a long a sound, the same with the e in Nib Assek’s last name. I had been using a short vowel sound for both. Since the books don’t come with a pronunciation guide, it was nice to finally hear the character names said aloud.

avar kriss - the high republic - Tempest Runner


While not essential to The High Republic’s ongoing story, at least not at this time, I still highly recommend the title. And I recommend you listen instead of reading it for the full immersive experience it was meant to be. It’s available on audible and several e-book lending platforms depending on what your local library offers. I listened on Overdrive/Libby but it may also be available on Hoopla in some areas.

Star Wars: The High Republic Tempest Runner (Audio Drama) is released via Penguin and is available to own now.


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