January 27, 2023
Tad The Lost Explorer And The Curse Of The Mummy DVD Review

The lovable animated explorer returns in his third adventure from Paramount Pictures. Join in the fun as we review Tad The Lost Explorer And The Curse Of The Mummy as it hits DVD and Digital Download from Paramount Home Entertainment.

Last year, the third film in the Spanish animated Tadeo Jones movie franchise, known as Tad, The Lost Explorer around the world opened in theaters. Tad, The Lost Explorer And The Curse Of The Mummy (or Tad, The Lost Explorer And The Emerald Tablet in other territories) is a wonderfully entertaining and charming animated adventure for the entire family. The film is now available to buy on the home entertainment formats, and I confess that I had to buy it for my collection.

The picture and sound quality are excellent. The colors shine through vibrantly, the speech and effects are top-notch, and the presentation is a pretty good package. However, what lets every home entertainment release down is a distinct lack of extras. Every release is a bare-bones, vanilla release. It could be because the films are from Spain. But this quibble aside, it shouldn’t stop you from grabbing a great family movie to sit and enjoy.


Clumsy archaeologist Tadeo (‘Tad’) breaks a sarcophagus and sets on a spell endangering his friends, and so they embark on an adventure that takes them to places such as Mexico, Paris, and Chicago. And believe me, that’s all you need to know. The film goes from place to place, putting Tad into scenarios that he must overcome alongside his friends Mummy and Sara while avoiding the attention of Agent Ramirez and the hilarious Agent Pickle.

Paramount Pictures Tad The Lost Explorer And The Curse Of The Mummy


The film won’t be remembered for its originality. How could it be with a hero whose surname is Jones? As you would expect, the film pays homage to the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise at every opportunity but in various hilarious ways. The ‘Hat’ running joke gets another airing here alongside nods to various scenarios that have appeared in the Harrison Ford-starring movies. But although we have seen them before, they add a nice dimension to proceedings throughout.

Paramount Pictures Tad The Lost Explorer And The Curse Of The Mummy


The various characters come at us thick and fast. Newly introduced into this adventure comes Ra Amon Ah (or Ramona as she’s constantly referred to during the film), a Pharoh that ruled for three days and doesn’t appear in any history book. She is a nice addition to the film and one that children will lap up instantly. Tad himself is his usual bumbling idiot, going from scenario to scenario as the story moves rapidly toward its predictable conclusion. Sara isn’t given much to do apart from being the voice of reason and appearing at just the right time to lend a steadying presence to things.

Paramount Pictures Tad The Lost Explorer And The Curse Of The Mummy


The character that all the kids will love is The Mummy. He is hilarious and one of the highlights of the film. His childish ways and charm won’t be lost on the audience as he appears at almost every turn. He is a character that will make us laugh along the way and is the one character that we will be cheering for. His obsession with his smartphone is pretty topical as I know many teenagers and children that act the same way as he does without his technological device. And his obsession with uploading everything to his social media during the film becomes a running joke that doesn’t manage to tire itself out.

Paramount Pictures Tad The Lost Explorer And The Curse Of The Mummy


The film is directed well enough by Enrique Gato. He manages to keep things moving along pretty easily. The script by Josep Gatell and Manuel Burque does just enough to keep things light and entertaining. And does give the film many faithful nods to what’s gone before. The film series is mainly adapted and inspired by the Spanish graphic novel ‘Tadeo and the Secret of the Toactlum’, illustrated and co-written by Juan López Fernández (Jan) and written by Javier Barreira, Gorka Magallón, and Enrique Gato.

They have managed to keep the films light and entertaining and this one is no exception. However, Paramount Pictures handled distribution in certain territories. At times, the English dubbing of the Spanish original dialogue gives the film a mismatch with the characters speaking on screen. It isn’t a major distraction but it is noticeable. We can see that this is an English dub of a foreign movie. And the lip movements of the animated characters don’t match up.

Paramount Pictures Tad The Lost Explorer And The Curse Of The Mummy


The film is an enjoyable time-waster. It certainly is an entertaining movie for the whole family. The kids will enjoy the humor while adults will love the references. It is predictable in parts but that adds to the charm. And at a brisk 86 minutes, it doesn’t wear out its welcome. The kids will laugh at the inevitable fart jokes and will be entertained by the chase scenes and a very mildly scary crocodile creature. A good family movie that will keep everyone entertained without causing any offense. As for me, I’m secretly hoping for a spinoff Agent Pickle movie. But I can see a fourth film in this franchise being produced sometime in the future. Switch off your brain, sit back and enjoy what is on offer here. Believe me, you’ll enjoy it.

Tad, The Lost Explorer And The Curse Of The Mummy is available to buy from Paramount Home Entertainment now. Grab your DVD copy here.



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