January 27, 2023

“Troubles arise for our team at Kazemai. It is a time for reflection. This is a fascinating episode on how Kyudo is about team work.”

It is Wednesday, so it is time for our weekly dose of Tsurune. Undoubtedly, it has been difficult to wait for episode 4 considering last week ended with a big cliffhanger. Indeed, Masa announced to Minato that he was grounded and wouldn’t be able to use his bow until further notice.


This week’s episode picks up exactly where we left off. Thus, we see Minato’s reaction to Masa’s announcement. Obviously, he is not happy about it. Instead of trying to understand which lesson Masa is trying to teach him, he is more focused on the fact that it is a punishment. The team’s defeat at the Regionals is a big step back and a source of conflicts. On one hand, you have Minato struggling with training with the elastic again. And on the other hand, Kaito feels responsible for their defeat. So, that is two characters who carry a lot of weight on their shoulders without seeing the bigger picture.

That bigger picture is the team. Kyudo may seem like a solitary sport as you are alone with your bow. However, it is actually a team effort. In fact, what each character does affect the team. And what is going in this episode perfectly showcases that. The internal conflicts make the team weaker.

Furthermore, beyond the team family troubles arise with Kaito. Indeed, his guilt is the cause of conflict with his cousin Nanao. This creates more tensions with wounds to mend.


As usual, the voice of reason in the team is Seiya. And it starts with analyzing their performances. How you do that? You record when you are shooting with your bow. If that feels familiar. In Free!, Haruka and his friends did the same with their swimming. Seeing himself helps Minato realizing what he did wrong. That is his cue. This episode is all about the characters understanding that Kyudo is about team work.


Concurrently, this episode shows us how Nikaido and his team work. It draws a parallel between the two teams. They definitely don’t have the same comfort for training. But that doesn’t stop Nikaido and his colleagues to work in team. And maybe, training the way they do is what gives them their strength. There is a lot to think about it. In fact, this team is almost on their own, without a teacher and without a dojo. They train outstide making their own Kyudo training grounds. Obviously, Nikaido has his reasons for doing it this way. But, we can see their team feels more united because of that. He is their anchor like Seiya is Kazemai’s anchor. The difference is that the others already know Kyudo is about team work.

Moreover, we get to understand Nikaido a bit more. He is a multi-layered character. We have a lot to learn about him. He is more than just a fearful rival. Without a doubt, this is an interesting team.


Troubles arise for our team at Kazemai. It is a time for reflection. This is a fascinating episode on how Kyudo is about team work.

Tsurune season 2 is now streaming on HIDIVE.


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