“This week’s episode of Trigun Stampede is a fun and badass introduction to Wolfwood.”

It is time for our weekly dose of Trigun Stampede! After last week’s shocking episode, the series sends our hero on a different kind of adventure.


There is one major character we hadn’t met yet who is part of the promotional material of the series – Nicholas D. Wolfwood. He finally makes his debut in today’s episode. And as expected, he has one hell of an entrance. Last week’s episode made it clear what kind of threat Million Knives is, this one shows us what to expect with Wolfwood. He is a reserved and cold character. But, he is also quite badass with his cross gun. When he unleashes his weapon, you do not want to mess with him. It is definitely a visual feast. Beyond that, there is a certain craziness within him which gives us fun moments. And more importantly, he is a man of many faces. There is a lot to explore with him.

Wolfwood is definitely a character you notice, he has a style that immediately draws attention similar to Vash. Though, these two are quite different. And yet, they have a dynamic that works so well. I love their interactions. Vash is always the one who sees the good in people while Wolfwood is much more cynical.


Moreover, meeting Wolfwood sends Vash and his friends inside a giant worm. It’s an adventure that is undoubtedly not as dark as Million Knives destorying Jeneora Rock. And this is exactly what I love about this series. It is able to juggle tones. And I think after what happened, we definitely needed a fun episode like this one. This episode also has a good dose of suspense and adrenaline with the characters trying to get out of the creature.


This week’s episode of Trigun Stampede is a fun and badass introduction to Wolfwood.

Trigun Stampede is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.


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