Hot Toys Tony Stark (Iron Man 2) Mark V Suit Up Review

“For Iron Man fans, this is a must-buy! Not only do you get a Hot Toys Tony Stark racing suit figure, but you can also recreate his most iconic suit-up scene!”

The next Iron Man figure is here! The Hot Toys Tony Stark (MK-V Suit Up Version) from Iron Man 2 has now been released in Hong Kong and overseas. There are two different editions – the basic one and the deluxe version that comes with the suitcase.


This is not your usual Iron Man box. Indeed, it is a large one but not a tall one. On top of that, you don’t have a promotional picture of the character but rather different promotional pictures of the figure. Finally, when you remove the first part of the box, you have a window box.

Since it is a suit-up version, there are a lot of accessories, it is a puzzle armor with big and small pieces. On top of that, it’s the deluxe version, so you also have the MK-V suitcase with articulated function which includes more pieces to recreate the very first moments of the suit-up scene. 

The display base is a simple one with a piece of plastic printed on it. You have Stark written on it with the arc reactor, it’s a cool one. Plus, if you have a second piece of plastic if you want a different option. This one is a part of the road if you want the environment from when Tony suits up.

Then, you have eight different hands. Six hands are for the racing suit. You have two open hands, two fist hands, and two hands to hold the suitcase. Plus, you have two Iron Man hands with fully articulated fingers. These are the same ones that came with the full MK-V armor.


The racing suit is screen accurate. Hot Toys did a beautiful job recreating in figure format with the right textures. Thus, it uses pleather and a coarse type of fabric. Obviously, this means don’t get crazy with action poses or it will get damaged over time. Even if it is cool to display him with this suit, I think most of us bought this figure to display him suiting up. This is pretty much the selling point of this figure.

As for the armor, all these pieces are made of plastic, it is not a diecast figure. Nevertheless, the paint application is wonderful and really gives the armor a metallic feel. You have options to recreate different moments of the suit-up scene – from the moment he opens the suitcase to the end.

The suitcase pieces are simple to install. The tricky part is getting the figure in the right position. However, since the racing suit uses some pleather and a special type of fabric, I don’t recommend leaving the figure in that pose for a long period of time.

Hot Toys Tony Stark (Iron Man 2) Mark V Suit Up Review


Then, the second step of the suit-up is when he puts the armor on his chest. After that, he extends the arms and you can add more pieces. There are several small parts that can move. Finally, you another piece to the chest to get the fully deployed look, plus the different pieces for the legs. As for the arms, you have small parts that can move to show different moments of the suit-up scene. Installing all these pieces takes time and a lot of patience. The best advice I can give you is to carefully read the instruction sheet.

Moreover, if you want you can add the suit-up helmet piece. Personally, I’ll display the figure without it as in the film, the helmet only arrives at the end with the rest of the armor is almost ready. This is the first suit-up version figure Hot Toys is doing and I think it’s definitely a success.


This is not the old Hot Toys Tony Stark headsculpt that came with the MK-V armor. It was made by Hwan Kim and painted by JC Hong. Undoubtedly, it is an AMAZING headsculpt! This is truly spot on. That is Robert Downey Jr. right there! Moreover, the hair has been accurately sculpted this time. It is definitely the updated sculpt we needed – better likeness and more accuracy. Hot Toys is giving us sculptures that are more and more life-like. This is one of them. As for the articulation, the head and the neck are two different pieces so that means more articulation but you see the separation between the two. The head can look up, look down and look on each side.


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For Iron Man fans, this is a must-buy! Not only do you get a Tony Stark racing suit figure, but you can also recreate his most iconic suit-up scene! Plus, if you already have the full Mark Five armor, I think this can be a great setup in your collection.

The Hot Toys Tony Stark (MK-V Suit Up Version) is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States! 


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