Star Wars Insider Review | Tales of Enlightenment: The Unusual Suspect

Star Wars Insider: Tales of Enlightenment: The Unusual Suspect was very cute and adds some more depth to the Battle of Jedha book which I hope everyone reads.

Star Wars Insider 216 was released on February 7, 2023. It contained yet another ‘Tales of Enlightenment‘ short story that directly ties into the Battle of Jedha book (which I will be reviewing soon). George Mann (who pens Battle of Jedha) also writes this short story and gives us an interesting interlude in the main novel. This short story takes place in between an early part of the story in the Enlightenment bar, where two cynical patrons talk about life and end up in a bit of a pickle.

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The main character of all these stories is the young human Keth Cerapath. But he is completely absent for the duration of this story which is a bit of a different change of pace. Instead, Keth’s two bar friends Piralli and Moona take center stage and witness a hostile attack on the bar from a gang of bad individuals who want to rob the patrons. It’s very disconcerting that any gang would operate on the holy moon of Jedha. But there is indeed evil everywhere.

The gang is led by a Klatooinian whose boss has a beef with the bar’s owner Kradon. Kradon is in trouble for mostly unspecified reasons, with the only clue being that he runs his mouth too much. This is consistent with his character. Also in the bar is a member of the Brothers of the Ninth Door, which is one of the many religions represented on Jedha.


Unfortunately, the organization delves into the dark side and I will not say any more about this group. Mainly as I don’t want to spoil the Battle of Jedha. Just note that the individual Mindoku is shall we say, much more “altruistic” than other members of his Order. He helps Piralli and Moona sneak into the bar’s backroom and get a big crate of Coruscant ale. The two cranks pretend to not be aware of the hold-up and roll the barrel out. Mindoku then uses his electro-staff to send an electric charge through the ale (which they spill on the floor) to zap the gangsters and render them unconscious. This plan is very crafty and is often something I often toyed with in my own Star Wars writing. The plan that is.

Star Wars Jedha City


The story was very cute and adds some more depth to the Battle of Jedha book. Which I hope everyone reads. All of your questions that this story poses should be adequately answered by the book. Lastly, I love the bar owner Kradon. He is such a cheap and money-conscious being that he wants to charge the two heroes for the ale they “wasted”! I guess that’s just part of being a cutthroat businessman!

B+ for the tactic that saved the bar.

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