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The magical new series for the family, Dinosaur with Stephen Fry, is back this weekend with a second episode – When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth – airing on channel 5 on Sunday 19th February, at 7 pm.

After last week’s opening episode, this Sunday night sees the second episode of the Channel 5 family dinosaur series, Dinosaur With Stephen Fry broadcast. This week sees the host travel back to the Early Cretaceous period in search of the dreaded Velociraptor. But instead, he will come face-to-face with its larger and more fearsome cousin, the Utahraptor.

Side profile of a raptor pack


Stephen Fry celebrated actor, author, and writer is magically transported back in time to chart the 180-million-year story of the dinosaur. In this landmark tv treat for all ages, we follow Stephen into a hyper-real world where prehistoric beasts roam. As if transported into a life-size video game, Stephen encounters all of the dinosaurs that we know and love.

Using the latest CGI engines that allow interaction within both the digitally created worlds and with the dinosaurs themselves, and cutting-edge virtual studio technology, Stephen immerses himself in these magical landscapes – to come face to face with the most iconic of these pre-historic beasts. From the immense Diplodocus and the terrifying T.rex to the deadly Allosaurus, the highly intelligent Raptors, and the three-horned, tank-like Triceratops.

Throughout the series, Stephen is joined by top dinosaur experts within these virtual worlds, and uses new scientific experiments to answer some of the greatest mysteries of the dinosaurs! From uncovering the world’s oldest dinosaur fossil to measuring the bite force and speed of a T.rex.

Presenter Stephen Fry


Stephen Fry finds himself in a new dinosaur age- the Early Cretaceous period, 125 million years ago, the era which saw an explosion in dinosaur diversity. Now in this world – a vast sandy river valley, he sets off in fear of the dreaded velociraptor made famous in Jurassic Park. But Stephen finds in reality it was no bigger than a turkey as it pecks at his feet, but then he comes face to face with the terrifying and deadly Utahraptors. This larger cousin of the Velociraptor at 3m tall terrorized this world, and he’s on the hunt for live food with his eye on the huge, vegetarian Iguanadontids who lived in herds, ever fearing surprise attack.

Image of Stephen pointing at a Utahraptor

Stephen is joined by expert Dr. Dean Lomax to observe the remarkable behavior of this highly intelligent predator – as it hunts to the death in a family pack, uses its remarkable toe claw to scale its victim’s back like an ice-climber, and in its pack herd brandishes colorful feathers in an elaborate courtship dance.

Image of Stephen and Dr. Dean Lomax next to a raptor.

We also head to the US to meet the dinosaur hunter who first discovered the Utahraptor, using modern engineering techniques to test the deadly power of its toe claws, and finds evidence for how its prey, the Iguanadontid, was armed with vicious thumb spikes to fight back.

Image of a Utahraptor with its arms spread wide to impress a potential mate that is standing behind Stephen and expert, Dr. Dean Lomax

Dinosaur With Stephen Fry continues this Sunday on Channel 5 at 7 PM.

Did you see the first episode? Did you and your family enjoy it? Will you be watching this week’s episode? Roar down to the comments section to leave us your thoughts!


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